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SWITZERLAND: Basic Income would cost only 25 billion, government report shows

Swiss government has released a new report showing the implementation of a basic income in Switzerland would cost far less than it had previously anticipated. On March 11th, the Swiss Ministry of Social Security released a new calculation of the cost of a universal basic income. According to the latest estimates, a UBI would cost the country only 25 billion

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SWITZERLAND: Robots for Basic Income dance at Davos

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was held during 20th-23rd January 2016. A group ‘Robots for Basic Income‘ countered the Forum with their demand for a Basic Income. The group released ‘Declaration of Davos 2016’: Robots demand for universal basic income as a humanistic response to technological progress We – the robots – call for an universal basic

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SWITZERLAND: Only 2% of people would stop working if they had a basic income

Critics of basic income have been proven wrong once again. Giving everyone the means to survive would not make people lazy. A new opinion poll carried out in Switzerland shows that only a tiny fraction of the population would stop working if they had a Universal Basic Income (UBI). What is more, most young people believe UBI will be implemented in the future.

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Swiss politicians reject basic income because they are scared of humans

By Che Wagner Originally published in German in the Swiss online newspaper Tages Woche. Translated by Matthias Lindemer for Basic Income News. (Photo shows activists of the Swiss Basic Income Initiative with a banner inside a vault. Credit: Stefan Bohrer) On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, the Swiss parliament debated a popular petition for an unconditional basic income. Enough signatures were

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