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The Basic Income Earth Network is eager to announce the creation of the international Municipal Leaders Roundtable, a conversation about the possibilities and realization of Basic Income at local, municipal and city wide, regional levels. The purpose is to facilitate a conversation between the different local authorities, municipal leaders, governors and other subnational forms of government, to share their experiences with each other and find the tools needed to issue an Unconditional Basic Income to the people in their territories.

BIEN, together with its partners, will create a virtual space where the mayors and governors of the world who are already experimenting with different basic income systems can meet and share their stories. From the local currency basic income in Gyeonggi, South Korea, to the digital social currency of Mumbuca in Maricá, Brazil, all the way to the growing ‘Mayors for Guaranteed Income’ in the US, the purpose is to create a transcultural collective narrative about the increasing importance of creating Basic Income schemes in our present moment and connect the efforts at an international level. The goal of this is to catalyze an international municipal Basic Income movement of Mayors and other leaders around the world, and help to facilitate the narrative and scientific tools in order to do so.

For this, we welcome basic income researchers and activists from all over the world to reach out to us if you want to help in bringing this to your local authorities and organize Basic Income in your area.


The goal of BIEN in facilitating the Municipal Leader conversations is not just to connect the different leaders around the planet, but to facilitate knowledge-sharing and critical support for other local mayors and governors interested in UBI; to contextualize and understand which tools they have available to them in order to issue a Basic Income to their citizens, either in the national or local currency, and expand the imagination of what is possible at local levels.

To do that, BIEN has created the Basic Income Research & Action Lab (BIRAL). In order to complement the Municipal Leaders Roundtables, the goal of BIRAL is to create a series of seminars to share and analyze the experiences from already existing Basic Income systems around the world. BIRAL is meant to be a collaborative network of researchers, research teams, universities and local policy makers who are already engaged in doing research on Basic Income systems and pilots and those who are trying to bring UBI into being on the ground. BIRAL aims to synthesize the learnings from the emerging experiences around the world and turn these into useful tools for leaders interested in doing Basic Income in their areas.

In order to begin this process, BIEN has partnered with Freiburg University’s Institute of Basic Income Studies (FRIBIS) and the Gyeonggi Research Institute (GRI) for Basic Income Research Group for the organization of the first seminar. More details coming soon.

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