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SWITZERLAND: 40% of the population set to vote favourably to basic income referendum

While the Swiss campaign for basic income is approaching the finish line before the national referendum on June 5th, an encouraging poll shows a rapidly growing level of support.

The polling company Tamedia asked 20,000 people about their voting intentions on the next referendum day (which includes 3 other issues along with basic income).

The results suggest that 33% of the population would certainly vote ‘yes’ while 7% would probably vote ‘yes’. Meanwhile, 50% of those surveyed oppose the referendum, with another 7% ‘rather’ opposed. According to the swiss campaign, the level of support has almost doubled since the last poll, conducted in early 2016.

In the French speaking parts of Switzerland, the level of support even reaches 50%.

“This is a very positive result showing a rapidly growing support for the idea in Switzerland. Everything remain possible. As many people are still uninformed, this means the Yes still has some room for progress,” BIEN-Switzerland’s Anna-Béa Duparc said.

However, only a small fraction of the population (3%) is yet undecided about the topic, making the last 5 weeks of the campaign very challenging.

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  • Christopher

    This is great news. I leave near Lausanne and am trying to convince my friends to vote in favor of the initiative. I highly believe in grassroot movement and Switzerland is great for such ideas!

  • Joop Böhm

    If the referendum succeeds it’s not only a historic decision for Switzerland, but a giant step for mankind!

    • AnonyME

      What are talking about? You will not get any advantage unless you are Swiss. It will remain confined in Switzerland, provoking foreign people to request residency in there, end of story.

    • Andre Coelho

      Of course not. It acts as a powerful example other to follow. Anyway, it didn’t pass. This time.

      Best regards,


  • john

    it is time that the 1% of the rich redistribute their money,
    Why it s always the same making billions?.
    we have here the chance to change the world.
    If we vote no more and more people will suffer, lose job, and be on the streets.

    Vote YES to change this immoral world that will strike Switzerland anyway.

    • DevilDocNowCiv


      Here in the US, and probably in Switzerland, the top 20% pay between 60 and 70% or Federal taxes. That’s most of the Fed tax money paid for by them. I believe in Europe and the US we have the shared understanding between adults that life itself isn’t fair, and that its up to us each to make it a better world as we move forward.

      I wish you luck in the June UBI vote. I trust the Swiss to run it well if you go forward, and trust you to keep good records and issue reports. This will help us move, and we move at a glacial pace.

  • Cme

    More People with money means more potential buyers which ought to create more customers and circulation of money and economic growth instead of money sleeping in some bankaccount. Many complained when Henry Ford basically doubled the wages in his company, but it was a stroke of genius since the employees spent the money on a new car.

  • Ja

    Its a Brilliant idea,but as usual the masses will oppose it.

  • Steffen Gliese

    We all look to Switzerland and hope the best. Meanwhile, Finland is also going to make experiments in the near future.

    But already now in the lieu of the normal evolution of new ideas in Switzerland – from strong opposition to less opposition to almost a victory, and then victory – it looks like a few steps might be left out, before this issue is accepted universally.

  • TRad

    This is disgusting idea – paying people for doing nothing.

    Luckily, people of Switzerland won’t go for this swindle.

    • Andre Coelho

      Dear TRad,

      What’s somewhat disgusting is actually reading from someone who thinks like that. But rest assured: when it gets implemented, you can refuse it.

      Best regards,


    • TRad

      Dear Andre

      Sadly, should you, extremists, implement such absurd, it will be me, would would have to pay for this swindle.

      I have nothing against selftaxation. Tax yourself and pay everyone you like as much money as you like. But keep your greedy hands out of my pocket.

      all the best


    • Andre Coelho

      Don’t pay taxes. Any taxes. It’s each person for oneself. If that’s Ok for you, it’s not for me. I have nothing more to say.

      Best regards,


  • TRad

    78% against, 22% out of mind.

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