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Income Movement Endorses Three UBI-Supporting Candidates in Primary Elections on Super Tuesday

Agatha Bacelar at UBI March in San Fransisco

Blogger’s note: this post is by a guest contributor, Stacey Rutland. The opinions expressed are hers alone. They are not necessarily shared by me or by the Basic Income Earth Network. -Karl Widerquist Super Tuesday is extra super this year! Three incredible congressional candidates are running on UBI and taking on the establishment in California (LA, SF, and Southeast CA).

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Housing prices are an obstacle to universal income

There is a fear that a disproportionate part of Universal Basic Income would be paid to housing. Under current circumstances, a large portion of the income is paid to rent. A person UK in 2019, if receiving benefits only, in many cases is paying over fifty percent of their income for housing. If UBI was to come into effect, it is possible the same problem would occur.

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