Congress Papers

Many BIEN members are academics and publish papers on basic income or related topics. Research on basic income is fostered by the BIEN Congresses. This page indexes most of the papers.


BIEN 2019, Hyderabad

Videos of all the plenary sessions are available on youtube.
Abstracts of all the concurrent sessions are available here.
Full papers and slides of some presentations are available below.
Joffre Balce From Austerity to Prosperity: How Dealing with a Meltdown Can Lead to a Universal Basic Outcome
Diana Bashur The Applicability of Universal Basic Income in Post-Conflict Scenarios: The Syria Case
Sanishtha Bhatia and Tanya Rana Impact of human behaviour on the perception of the government’s Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme
Peter Brake Implementation of a Universal Basic Income
Chloe Halpenny A “State” of Possibility? Reconfiguring basic income’s feminist potential through the lens of the state
Michael W. Howard The Atmospheric Commons and Carbon Dividends: Implications for global and national basic income policies
Aleeza Howitt Roadmap to a Government-Independent Basic Income (UBI) Digital Currency
Kristiina Hyryläinen From Negative Human Concept to Newtural Human Concept
Valerija Korošec Unconditional Basic Individual Universal Child Grant for Belgium following the Slovenian approach
Julio Linares and Gabriela Cabaña Towards an ecology of care: Basic Income after the nation-state
Shobana Nelasco Growth versus Development in the light of Universal Basic Income – A focus on India Case
Michael Pugh Community Organising & Basic Income: Reflections from North America
Malcolm Torry Research and education in the Basic Income debate
Wu Gaohui From Technology to Anti-technology: How does Technical Governance Transform the Local Cadre Behaviors in China’s Rural Anti-poverty?


BIEN 2018, Tampere

Papers and presentations from the 2018 BIEN Congress in Tampere, Finland are available below.

Videos of the plenary sessions are viewable on YouTube.

Jan Otto Andersson From Citizen Wage to Basic Income: The Nordic Experience
Jan Otto Andersson The global ethical trilemma and basic income
Marc de Basquiat A Universal Basic Income for Social Inclusion
André Coelho Universal Basic Income Funded by the People
Odra Delgado and Gerardo Velasquez Universal Basic Income in the Mexican labour market: Financial sustainability in the context of flexibility, high informality and low-income tax
Anna Dent From Utopia to Implementation: How Basic Income has progressed from radical idea to legitimate policy solution (presentation)
Bettina Duerr Basic Income Experiments: A Political Feasibility Analysis

Guido Erreygers and John Cunliffe

Was Basic Income Invented in Belgium in 1848? Exploring the Origins and Continuing Relevance of a Simple Idea 
Fernando Freitas Basic Income in Brazil: Analysis of arguments advocated by Brazilian publications (1975-2017)
Yannick Fischer Basic Income, Labour Automation and Migration – An Approach from a Republican Perspective
Susanna Groves and John MacNeil Economic and Policy Impact Statement – Approaches and Strategies for Providing a Minimum Income in the District of Columbia (presentation)
Dirk von Heinrichshorst Horizon – United Basic Income (white paper) (presentation)
Pertti Honkanen Simulations for Basic Income Experiment in Finland
Michael Howard Cosmopolitanism and an ecological basic income
Karen Jooste Power, Poverty and Socio-Economic Policy in South Africa
Shari Laliberte Young people’s perspectives on the meaning and determinants of mental health: Implications for developing & evaluating guaranteed income and inter-sectoral policies
Elina Lepomäki The Life Account
Mark Lindley and Karan Kumar Universal Basic Income and Ecological Economics
José A. Noguera What is the ‘Net Cost’ of a Basic Income? Some Conceptual Problems
Michael Opielka Basic Income and Guarantism: Why a Basic Income favors the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Social Sustainability
Andrew Percy Social prosperity for the future: A proposal for Universal Basic Services
Carmen García Pérez Does the Right to Basic Income Already Exist? An Overview of the European and Spanish Legal Framework
Bill Raley The Citizen’s Dividend (presentation)
Thiago Rocha The Citizen’s Basic Income as a Fundamental Right in the Brazilian Legal System
Charles Sampford Paying for Basic Income: a ‘virtuous’ problem
Scott Santens Social Media Workshop for Basic Income Advocates
Sabine Stadler The means tested basic income in Austria, a new right in power
Eugen Tornquist Basic Income and the Welfare State
Malcolm Torry Basic Income and Basic Income schemes: definitions and details
Jens Wamsler Models for introducing basic income in Denmark (presentation)
Andrew White The rise of the superstar (digital) economy and the case for a universal basic income (paper)
Karl Widerquist The Devil’s in the Caveats: A Brief Discussion of the Difficulties of Basic Income Experiments
Gunmin Yi How can basic income activate and encourage labor-managed firms? A two-track strategy for economic democracy

BIEN 2017, Lisbon

Elena Ambuhl, Nicole Teke and Aurélie Hampel (France) Considering basic income through the lens of agriculture: an innovative food policy measure to support fairer and more sustainable food systems
Julio Andrade (South Africa) Implementing a basic income: An income stream through a reconceptualization of data
Helen Blakeman Utopia of the Zero Hour Contract
Eugenio R.Borrallo (Spain) Basic income as a tool to dignify the work of landless peasants
Peter Brake (New Zealand) Implementation of Basic Income
Geoff Crocker (UK) Overcoming the Objection of Affordability of Basic Income – A Radical View
Alexander de Roo (Netherlands) Campaign to get basic income in the Dutch government program
Pablo Fernández del Castillo Basic Income in complementary currency: Thinking outside the box
Andrea Fumagalli (Italy) The correct definition of basic income as primary income: remuneration of life in bio-cognitive capitalism
Katarzyna Gajewska (France) The Future of Work in a Basic Income and Post-Employment System: The Scenario of Peer Production
Karen Glass (Canada) Finding a Better Way: A Basic Income Pilot Project for Ontario
Troy Henderson (Australia) Options for a Basic Income in Australia
Neil Howard (Belgium) Basic Income and the Contemporary Anti-Slavery Movement
Michael W. Howard (USA) Basic Income and Degrowth
Lynn Johnson and Peter Lanius (Australia) Can a Basic Income Stop The Illegal Wildlife Trade?
Jaeseop Kim (South Korea) Basic income pilot project by Korean youth : imagine another world
Marcelo Lessa Um passo à frente: Ferramenta econômica acelerando a transformação social
Lowell Manning (New Zealand) Strategies of Communication in the Implementation of Basic Income in New Zealand and its Relationship with the Existing Income Support Structure
Jean-Philippe Martin Mitigating technological unemployment through shared work
Bastiaan Meinders Basic Income and the Epistemic Problem of Happiness
Sandra Miller Solving Basic Income’s Most Intractable Problem of Secure Distribution
Annie Miller (UK) A New Poverty Benchmark For Basic Income Schemes
Tadashi Okanouchi (Tokyo) Global Basic Income or Human Heritage Dividend
Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva (Brazil) and Valéria Ferreira Santos de Almada Lima (Brazil) The Political and Economic Conjuncture in Brazil Post Lula’s and Dilma’s Governments: a step back in the direction of implantation of a Basic Income in Brazil
Bonno Pel (Belgium) and Julia Backhaus (Maastricht University) Realizing Basic Income: shifting claims to expertise in Basic Income advocacy
Lisa Perrone (Australia), Margaret H. Vickers (Australia) and Debra Jackson (UK) Introducing Financial Freedom: What It Can Teach Us about Basic Income
Ville-Veikko Pulkka (Finland) A Free Lunch with Robots – Can a Basic Income Stabilise the Digital Economy?
Marcela Ribeiro de Albuquerque (Brazil), Rogério Mendonça Martins (Brazil) PolíticaLeen_Scholiers_SMart_a_cooperative_for_freelancerss Governamentais de Inclusão Produtiva para a Redução da Pobreza no Brasil
Sonja Scherndl Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Universal Basic Income
Leen Scholiers The Future of Work and Technological Unemployment
Charles Shereda The Modern Talent: An Earth-Backed Democratic Digital Currency System
Thaís Amanda Silvestre (Brazil), Carla Maria Freres Stipp (Brazil), e Marcela Ribeiro de Albuquerque (Brazil) Aspectos do Processo de Terceirização no Direito Trabalhista Brasileiro: Precarização de Direitos Fundamentais
Eduardo Suplicy (Brazil) Lectures to the XVII International Conference of the Basic Income Earth Network in Lisbon
Cristian Tod (Austria) Free Lunch Society
John Tomlinson (Australia) When will the BIG wheel turn? Basic Income in Australia
Malcolm Torry (UK) What’s a Definition? And how should we define ‘Basic Income’?
Anikó Vida (Hungary) With or Without Work? The dilemmas surrounding basic income from the perspective of full citizenship
Gunmin Yi (South Korea) The Effects of Basic Income on Labour Supply

This table contains the papers uploaded to the congress website prior to the congress. If other authors submit their papers then they will be added to this list.

Videos are available of many of the congress sessions. Click here to see them.

BIEN 2016, Seoul

The Proceedings of the 2016 congress are contained in a single document, in which can be found plenary session addresses and parallel session papers. Click here to download the document.

BIEN 2014, Montréal

Authors Papers
Timothy Roscoe Carter The One Minute Case for a Basic Income
Malcolm Torry A Basic Income is feasible: but what do we mean by ‘feasible’?
Sarah M. Mah, Yuly Chan Guaranteed Livable Income as the way forward to Abolishing Prostitution
Doctress Neutopia Universal Income, Women’s Liberation, and Neutopian Thoughts
Edward James Miller Demand Side Economics And Its Consequence- The National Dividend
Emanuele Murra Limiting Economical Instrumental Action: Basic Income in Habermasian Perspective
Nam Hoon Kang Basic Income for Precarious Workers in Korea
Katarzyna Gajewska How Basic Income Will Transform Active Citizenship? A Scenario of Political Participation beyond Delegation
Sheila Regehr Basic Income and Gender Equality: Reflections on the Potential for Good Policy in Canada
John Tomlinson Real freedom for the filthy rich – precariousness for the rest of us: Why we must fight for a Basic Income
Robert W. Glover, Michael W. Howard A Carrot, Not a Stick: Examining the Potential Role of Basic Income in US Immigration Policy
Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva The Conditionalities Of The Bolsa Família: Its Conservative Face And Limitations To Implement The Citizenship Basic Income In Brazil
Charla Vall Building On The Basics: Impact And Insights From The Basic Needs Fund

BIEN 2012, Munich

Author Paper
Herbert Wilkens Basic Income and Minimum Wages – Temporary or Permanent Complements?
Luis Henrique Paiva The Bolsa Familia Programme and Basic Income
Ulrich Schachtschneider Ecological basic income: an entry is possible
Joerg Drescher Arguing for Basic Income from a Jurisprudential Perspective
Giovanni Perazzoli What are the arguments in favor of the Basic Income? Let’s talk about Italy
Philippe van Parijs Personal reflections on the 14th congress of the Basic Income Earth Network
Baptiste Mylondo Can basic income lead to economic degrowth ?
Wolfgang Müller The Potential of an Unconditional Basic Income within Social Security Systems in Europe
Gwang-Eun Choi Basic Income and Deepening Democracy
Jan Otto Andersson Degrowth with basic income – the radical combination
Tomohiro Inoue Economic Sustainability of Basic Income Under a Citizen-centered Monetary Regime
Bruno Andrioli Galvão The good intention and the hard truth of basic income in Brazil
Myron J. Frankman Universalizing the Universal Declaration (of Human Rights)
Erik Christensen A basic income reform as part of the abolition of economic privileges and the creation of a sustainable society
Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy How and when will the Brazilian Law that institutes a Citizen’s Basic Income really be fully implemented?
Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva The bolsa família and social protection in brazil: problematizing the conditionalities as limits for the implementation of the citizens’ basic income
Claudia & Dirk Haarmann Piloting Basic Income in Namibia – Critical reflections on the process and possible lessons
Ugo Colombino Designing a universal income support mechanism for Italy. An exploratory tour
Leonardo Fernando Cruz Basso Saving the euro: creating social regional currencies, taxes on financial transactions, and minimum income programs
Hayato Kobayashi The Future ofPublic Assistance Reform in Japan:Workfare vs. Basic Income?
Michael W. Howard Basic income, resource taxation, and inequality: Egalitarian reservations about tax shifting
Jens-Eberhard Jahn A Basic Income for Rural Areas? A proposal for a strategic realignment of agricultural, social and structure policy within the EU
Malcolm Torry The political feasibility of a Citizen’s Income in the UK
Richard Parncutt Universal basic income and flat income tax: Tax justice, incentive, economic democracy
Ronald Blaschke Opportunities and Risks on the Way to a Basic Income in Germany – a political assessment
Toru Yamamori The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Basic Income
Reima Launonen Basic
Johanna Perkiö The Struggle over Interpretation: Basic Income in the Finnish Public Discussion in 2006-2012
Mikko Jakonen, Jukka Peltokoski, Tero Toivanen Occupy Life! Precarity and Basic Income
Mingull Jeung Ecological Expansion of Basic Income: Beyond Capitalism
Sascha Liebermann Far, though close : Problems and Prospects of Basic Income in Germany
Erik Christensen Basic income – A transcultural perspective
Kaori Katada Basic Income and Feminism: in terms of “the gender division of labor”
Hiroya Hirano The Potential of introducing Basic Income for the“New Public Commons”in Japan: A Road to Associational Welfare State?
Stanislas Jourdan A monetary approach towards an unconditional basic income in Greece
Micheál Collins Estimating the Cost of a Basic Income for Ireland
Marcia Ribeiro de Albuquerque Income Transfers Policies In Brazil Facing To Recent Global Economic Crisis
Karl Widerquist & Michael Howard Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend: Examining Its Suitability as a Model
Nam Hoon Kang The Necessity And Effects Of Ecological Basic Income In Korea
Wouter van Ginneken Poverty, Human Rights And Income Security In Europe
José Luis Rey Pérez Basic Income In The Discussion About Human Rights: Right Or Guarantee?
Valerija Korošec Basic Income Proposal in Slovenia
Kelly Ernst The Basics of an Economic Rights Movement: APublic Economy
Javier Alonso Madrigal Basic Income and the Constitutional Principles of Fiscal Justice
Tadashi Okanouchi Towards Abolition of Wage-Slavery;Perspective to a Non-Violent World Revolution for the Guaranteed Global Basic Income Society, Launching from Elimination of Hunger and Poverty
Vivan Storlund Basic income and the value of work
Rosangela Lodigiani and Egidio Riva Capability Income: A policy proposal in the fight against poverty and social exclusion
Joonas Leppänen Basic Income as Participatory Parity
Anne B Ryan & John Bake Reflections on Developing a National Campaign for Basic Income in Ireland
Marina P. Nobrega, Tereza Nakagawa, Francisco G. Nobrega, Eduardo M. Suplicy A Feasible Path to Basic Income in Brazil
Anne Miller A rule-of-thumb Basic Income model for the UK, with and without an earnings/income disregard.
Hamid Tabatabai From Price Subsidies to Basic Income: The Iran Model and its Lessons
Valerie Timm Unconditional basic Income – A call for a human right ?
Leon Segers Basic Income & perverted global labour market
Pertti Honkanen & Jouko Kajanoja Steps towards Basic Income – Case of Finland
Seán Healy, Michelle Murphy, Seán Ward and Brigid Reynolds Basic Income – Why and How in Difficult Economic Times: Financing a BI in Ireland
B. Michael Gilroy, Mark Schopf, Anastasia Semenova Basic Income and Labor Supply: The German Case
Andrea Fumagalli, Cristina Morini The Precarity-Trap and Basic Income: the Labour Market in Cognitive Bio-capitalism. The Italian Case
Roisin Mulligan Universal Basic Income and Recognition Theory
Marguit Neumann Gonçalves, Marcela Ribeiro de Albuquerque, Rosalina Lima Izepão Incubation Of Solidarity Economic Enterprises: The Experiences Of The Incubator Unitrabalho-Universidade Estadual De Maringá-Uemin Paraná State-Brazil
Borja Barragué The feasibility of extending the safety net in times of crisis: A view from Spain
Juergen Greiner The Evolutionary Dimension of Basic Income and its Integration in Society
Nyc Labretš The Future of Workplace Automation Has Already Arrived

BIEN2010, São Paulo

Borja Barragué  
Michèle Billoré  
Gianluca Busilacchi  

BIEN 2008, Dublin

Author Paper
Borja Barragué Pigovian Taxes, Cap-and-Trade System, or Environmental Adders? A Green Financial Model for a Basic Income
Michèle Billoré Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution for Mankind
Document 1
/ Document 2
Gianluca Busilacchi The different regimes of minimum income policies in the enlarged Europe
Richard Caputo The Way Forward – the political dimension
Erik Christensen A Global Ecological Argument for a Basic Income
William Clegg Basic Income-Greater Freedom of Choice Through Greater Economic Security of the Person in a Globalized Economy
Jörg Drescher Economic view of model proposals for funding a basic income on the basis of the value creation of goods and services
Julieta Elgarte Basic income and the gendered division of labour
Pat Evans Challenging Income (In)security: Women and Precarious Employment
Myron J. Frankman Justice, Sustainability and Progressive Taxation and Redistribution: The Case for a World-Wide Basic Income
Manuel Franzmann An Unconditional Basic Income from the Perspective of the Sociology of Religion
Andrea Fumagalli and Stefano Lucarelli Basic Income and Counter-power in Cognitive Capitalism
Anca Gheaus Basic Income, Gender Justice and the Costs of Gender-symmetrical Lifestyles
Áine Uí Ghiollagáin Basic income and caring: Why aren’t all caregivers interested in basic income?
Johannes Hanel Basic Income and Social Justice
Michael W. Howard Cosmopolitanism, Trade, and Global (or Regional) Transfers
Markku Ikkala Basic Income Discussion in Finland
Bill Jordan Basic Income and Social Value
Celia Kerstenetzky and Gary Dymski Global Basic Income and Financial Globalisation
Celia Kerstenetzky and Lionello Punzo Sustainable tourism: basic income for poor communities
Katja Kipping Moving to Basic Income – A left-wing political perspective
Richard Lawson Introducing Basic Income by the Back Door in a Recession
Sascha Liebermann The German experience of bringing Basic Income into the National Debate
Rubén M. Lo Vuolo Labour markets informality and welfare regimes in Latin America. Why Basic Income is better
John Macnicol The politics of non-contributory pensions
Francisco Javier Alonso Madrigal and José Luis Rey Pérez What Type of Taxes Demands Basic Income?
Francisco Jose Martinez Martinez Debate on Basic Income in the Spanish Parliament
Gösta Melander How a basic income may be achieved politically
Marc Meuris A Basic Income Allowance as a solution for the social unification of the EU
Heiner Michel Is a Global Basic Income a Remedy for Poverty?
Annie Miller Designing and Costing Simple Basic Income Schemes
James Mulvale The Debate on Basic Income / Guaranteed Adequate Income in Canada: Perils and Possibilities
Mary Murphy and Orla O’Connor Is basic income the answer to the feminist demand to individualise Irish social security?
Maria Oleynik Basic Income in a Changing Ireland
Ian Gareth Orton Eliminating Child Labour: The Promise of Unconditional Cash Transfers
Ian Gareth Orton Why we Ought to Listen to Zygmunt Bauman
Carole Pateman Democracy, Human Rights and a Basic Income in a Global Era
Eric Patry The Basic Income Debate in Switzerland: Experiences and Perspectives
Sergio Luiz de Moraes Pinto Basic Income and Stakeholder Grants: Jointly Breaking the Long History of Endemic Poverty and Economic Inequality in Brazil
Hugh D. Segal Moving to Basic Income – A Right-Wing Political Perspective
Steven Shafarman Basic Income and the 2008 Campaign in the United States
Al Sheahen The Rise and Fall of a Basic Income Guarantee Bill in the U.S. Congress
Al Sheahen How the U.S. Can Afford a Poverty-Level Basic Income Guarantee
Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva The Bolsa Família Program and the Reduction of Poverty and Inequality in Brazil
Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy The Transition from the Bolsa Família Program to the Citizen’s Basic Income in Brazil
John Tomlinson Timor Leste: Minimum Wages, Job Guarantees, Social Welfare Payments or Basic Income?
Alexander Varshavsky Basic income and increasing income inequality in Russia
Pablo Yanes News from the South: Perspectives on Basic Income in Mexico and Latin America
Almaz Zelleke Reconsidering Independence: Foundations of a Feminist Theory of Distributive Justice
Almaz Zelleke Should Feminists Endorse a Basic Income? Institutionalizing the Universal Caregiver through an Unconditional Basic Income
Clóvis Roberto Zimmermann The Citizenship Principle in Income Transfer Programs in Brazil

BIEN 2006, Cape Town

Name Paper
Karen Allan Social Security for Children is a Human Right
Christian M. Brutsch Between Universalism and Political Survival: Trade Unions Politics and Economic Security in the Middle East
Richard K. Caputo Standing Polanyi on His Head: The Basic Income Guarantee as a Response to the Commidification of Labor
David Casassas Corporate Watch, Consumer Responsibility, and Economic Democracy:
Forms of Political Action in the Orbit of Basic Income
Maria Ozanira da Silva The Scholarship Family Program a national program to universalize income transfer to all poor families in Brazil?
Julieta Elgarta Good for women? Advantages and risks of basic income from a gender perspective
Aart Roukens de Lange Submission to the Portfolio Committee on Social Development relative to the Taylor Commission Report
Isobel Frye A study of international examples of cash transfer programmes with specific reference to issues of targeting; grant administration; the financing of social security and the potential developmental stimulus of cash transfers.
Japhet Gaomab Biblical Justification for Basic Income Grant: The contribution of the silenced voices through a dialogical reading of John 5:1-9
Louise Haagh Equality and Income Security in Market Economies: What’s Wrong with Insurance?
Claudia & Dirk Haarman Why a universal income grant needs to be universal: The quest for Economic Empowerment vs. Charity in Namibia
Katharine Hall Under what conditions? Social Security for children in South Africa
Philip Harvey The Relative Cost of Income and Job Guarantees
Michael Howard A NAFTA Dividend:A proposal for a guaranteed minimum income for North America
Karen Kallmann Towards a BIG paradigm shift: A rights based approach to poverty alleviation
Bishop Dr. Z. Kameeta A Basic Income Grant in Namibia: A response by the needy
Cons Karamata Effects of free trade on Namimbian Workers – Is BIG part of the solution?
Nanna Kildal Universal old age pensions: Arguments at time of introduction in Canada, Mauritius and Norway
Margaret Legum Growth and the Basic Income Grant
Irkus Larrinaga Basic Income for immigrants too
Michael Lewis The Cost of Caring: The Impact of Caring for the Elderly on Women’s Wages
Sascha Liebermann Political Communities – Constituents of Universalism
Jennifer Mays Australia’s Disabling Income Support System
Anna McCord Are Public Works an alternative to a Basic Income Grant?
Charles Meth Implications of the impossibility of defining vulnerability among children in a theoretically rigorous way
Thabisile Msezane Faith Community support for a Basic Income Grant
Eric Patry Why Switzerland? Basic Income and the Development Potential of Swiss Republicasim
Michael Samson Universalism Promotes Development: Evidence from Southern Africa’s Social Transfers
Fabian Schuppert Justice and Income for All? The Limits of Political Reality for a Truly Universal Basic Income.
Guy Standing Income Security: Why Unions should campaign for a basic income
Guy Standing How a Basic Income is Working in Africa
Sen. Eduardo Suplicy The possible Transition from the Bolsa-Famlia Program towards the Citizen’s Basic Income or The Political Difficulties and Budget Obstacles to Implement the Basic Income in Brazil
John Tomlinson Australia: Basic Income and Decency
Robert van der Veen Gift-sharing as the Basis of Real Freedom for All
Hubertus von Heynitz Basic Income Model for SA confronted by an AIDS Pandemic
Monika Wallmon Basic Income beyond Wage Slavery: In search of transcending political aesthetics
Karl Widerquist Property Rights by General Agreement
Pablo Yanes Universal Citizen’s Pension in Mexico City: An Opportunity for Debate on Basic Income
ClÛvis Roberto Zimmermann The Brazilian social programs under the human rights perspective:
The case of the Family Scholarship (Bolsa FamÌlia) Program of LULA`s government

BIEN 2004, Barcelona

Name Paper
Antoni Domènech Basic Income and the Present Threats to Democracy
Eri Noguchi & Michael A. Lewis Basic Income: A Basic Condition of a Better Society?
Irkus Larrinaga Basic Income and the Requirement of Impartiality in Deliberative Processes
Karl Widerquist Freedom as the Power to Say No
Philip Harvey A Comparative Assessment of Basic Income Proposals and Proposals to Secure the
Right to Work and Income Support
Martin Watts & William Mitchell A Comparison of the Macroeconomic Consequences of Basic Income and Job
Guarantee Schemes
Guy Standing Why the Right to Work Requires a Basic Income
José A. Noguera Citizens or Workers? Basic Income vs. Activation Policies
Jeffrey J. Smith Can Rents Fund an Extra Income for Everyone?
Charles Bazlinton The Dangers of a Basic Income Without Land Value Taxation
Malcom Green Cosmic Accounting: A New Energy Economic System of Basic Income
Ada Ávila Assunção When Income Transfer is Not Able to Eradicate the Practice of Working in Pernicious
Environments. A Case Study of the Bolsa Escola Program
Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva From a Minimum Income to a Citizenship Income: the Brazilian Experiences
Elenise Scherer Programme on Elimination of Child Labour in Brazil: Reinforcing Poverty and Denying Human Rights
Araceli Brizzio de la Hoz Child Labour, a Contemporary Form of Slavery
María Julia Bertomeu Property and Basic Income
Simon Eli Birnbaum Real Freedom and the Challenge of Structural Subordination
Julieta Magdalena Elgarte Non-domination, Real Freedom and Basic Income
Hans Harms Precariousity versus Flexicurity
Joel F. Handler The False Promise of Workfare: Another Reason for Basic Income Guarantee
Felicia Kornbluh If the Goods have Ceased to Be Urgent, Where Is the Fraud? The Work Ethic in the History of the Basic Income in the U.S.A.
Jorn Loftager Three Third Ways
Erik Christensen Welfare Discourses in Denmark Seen in a Basic Income Perspective
Myron J. Frankman Ample Room at the Top: Financing a Basic Income
Jean Pierre Mon Social Money for Financing Basic Income
Eduardo Calderón & Óscar Valiente Basic Income as a Policy to Fight Child Poverty
Horacio Levy & others Child Poverty and Family Assistance in Southern Europe
Michael Howard Basic Income and Migration Policy: A Moral Dilemma?
Luis Bellvis Basic Income, Information Society and the Info-Poors
Nicoli Nattrass The Challenge for Basic Income Posed by AIDS: Why an Incremental Approach Is
Inadequate in South Africa
Jose Luis Rey Pérez A New Gender Perspective for Basic Income?
Manfred Fuellsack BI as a ‘Medium’? An Un-ethical Approach to the BI Debate
Ilkka Virjo Does Minimum Income Have Negative Incentive Effects on the Young?
Christian Brütsch From Decent Work to Decent Lives?
Jaione Mondragón & Amaia Izaola The Making of the Programs Against Social Exclusion in the Basque Country: From Cash Benefits to Overcoming Job Insertion
Brigid Reynolds & Sean Healy Introducing a Basic Income System Category by Category in Ireland
Rafael Pinilla & Luis Sanzo Introducing a Basic Income System in Spain – Feasibility and Cost
Lena Lavinas Exceptionality and Paradox: Basic Income and Minimum Income Schemes in Brazil
Cláudio da Rocha Roquete Perspectives for Basic Income in Brazil + powerpoint presentation
Jorge Iván Bula & Diego F. Hernández Moving Away from Conditioned Subsidy Towards Universal Basic Income
Clovis Zimmerman Basic Food Income in Low Income Countries
Loek Groot &
Robert J. Van der Veen
Why Launch a Basic Income Experiment
Jordi Arcarons, Samuel Calonge, Daniel Raventós & José A. Noguera The Financial Feasibility and Redistributive Impact of a Basic Income in Catalonia
Axel Marx & Hans Peeters Win for Life. What, If Anything, Happens After the Introduction of a Basic Income?
Jurgen De Wispelaere &
Lindsay Stirton
The Administration of Universal Welfare
Jens-Eberhard Jahn Problems of a Programmatic UBI Debate in the German Party of Democratic
Jose Luis Rey Pérez A Juridical View on Basic Income
Richard K. Caputo Equalization of Meeting Needs vs. Equalization of Income Distribution: Reconsiderations of Basic Income & Economic Justice in Light of Van Parijs and Zucker
Toru Yamamori Basic Income and Capability Approach: On Recognition and Deconstruction for
Cristian Pérez Muñoz Basic Income vs Market
Coordinators/Chairs: Àlex Boso, Sergi Raventós & Yannick Vanderborght Do Trade Unions Represent an Obstacle to the Introduction of a Basic Income? Lessons from the Belgian, Canadian and Dutch debates
Commentary by Juan González (Central de Trabajadores de Argentina)
Commentary by Iñaki Uribarri (ILP promoter – Member of ESK, Spain)
Commentary by Joan Coscubiela (General Secretary, Comisiones Obreras Catalonia, Spain)
Patrick Danahey Education and the Democratic Sovereignty of the People: A Human Rights Approach
Towards Universal Basic Income
Christine Boutin Basic income as a response to systemic crisis: the French Case.
Eduardo Suplicy The approval and sanctioning of the Basic income bill in Brazil

BIEN 2002, Geneva

Name Paper
Aho, Simo More selectivity in unemployment compensation in Finland: Has it led to activation or increased poverty?
Andersson, Jan-Otto Popular support for basic income in Sweden and Finland
Archer, Sean Social and economic rights in the South African Constitution: The role of a basic income
Atkinson, Anthony How basic income is moving up the policy agenda: News from the future
Ballas, Dimitris A spatial micro-simulation approach to the impact assessment of basic income policies
Balsan, Didier L’incidence de l’allocation universelle sur la propension à travailler
Basso, Leonardo Meritorious Currency: A currency against famine
Basso, Leonardo (with Marcelo Silva & Fernando de Pinho) Tobin Tax, minimum income and the eradication of famine in Brazil
Bhorat, Haroon A universal income grant for South Africa: An empirical assessment
Bienefeld, Manfred An economic model based on ‘fear and insecurity’
Blueme, Markus Autriche: vers un minimum inter-institutionnel
Bradbury, Farel Basic income and the advanced economy
Bruto da Costa, Alfredo Minimum guaranteed income and basic income in Portugal
Busilacchi, Gianluca Activation minimum income and basic income: history of a comparison of two ideas
Cantillon, Bea Welfare State protection, labour markets and poverty: lessons from
cross-country comparisons
Carsten, Ullrich Prospects of popular support for basic income
Casassas, David Republicanism and basic income: The articulation of the public sphere from the repoliticization of the private sphere
Chetvernina, Tatyana (with Liana Lakunina) Endless insecurity? The reality of Russia
Christensen, Eric Feminist arguments in favour of welfare and basic income in Denmark
Costantin, Paulo Dutra The positive externality of basic income in a capitalist economy
Cruz-Saco, Maria A basic income policy for Peru: Can it work?
D’Addio, Anna Cristina Assessing unemployment traps in Belgium using panel data sample selection models
Dasgupta, Sukti Care Work: The quest for security
Deacon, Bob Tracking the global social policy discourse: From safety nets to universalism
de Pinho, Fernando (with Silva Marcelo & Leonardo Basso) Tobin Tax, minimum income and the eradication of famine in Brazil
Dommen, Edouard Geneva connections: Calvin, Rousseau and basic income
Dore, Ron The Liberal’s Dilemma: Immigration, social solidarity and basic income
Dubouchet, Julien De la dette au droit: principes et évolutions de la sécurité sociale en Suisse
Dyer, Alan Social credit as economic modernism: Seven theses
Euzeby, Chantal Feasibility and limitations of a minimum income for pensioners
Farvaque, Nicolas (with Robert Salais) Implementing allowances for young people in France: Enhancing capabilities or increasing selectivity
Fernandez, José Iglesias Strong versus weak models of basic income in Catalonia – Spain
Frankman, Myron A planet-wide citizen’s income. Espousal and estimates
Füllsack, Manfred Work and social differentiation. And how it gives reason to a basic income
Fumagalli, Andrea Bio-economics, labour flexibility and cognitive work: Why not basic income?
Funiciello, Theresa Getting on a path to just distribution: The Caregiver Credit Campaign
Gamel, Claude (with Didier Balsan & Josiane Vero) L’Incidence de l’allocation universelle sur la propension à travailler
Ghai, Dharam Pursuing Basic Income Security in Africa
Goldsmith, Scott The Alaska Permanent Fund: A basic income in action
Handler, Joel Social citizenship and Workfare in the USA and Western Europe. From status to contract
Harvey, Philip The Right to Work: Taking economic rights seriously
Healy, Sean (with Brigid Reynolds) From poverty relief to universal entitlement: Social welfare and basic
income in Ireland
Hernandez, Diego Selectivity in social policy in Colombia during the 1990s
Hoskins, Dalmer Resurrecting universalism in social security
Howard, Michael Liberal and Marxist justifications for basic income
Hrdina, Jeanne Universal basic livelihood is essential for world peace
Kangas, Olli (with Jan-Otto Andersson) Popular support for basic income in Sweden and Finland
Kallmann, Karel Mobilising a Coalition for Basic Income in South Africa
Kildal, Nanna (with Stein Kuhnle) The principle of universalism: Tracing a key concept in the Scandanavian welfare model
Kratke, Michael Basic Income, Commons and Commodities: The Public Domain Revisited
Kuhnle, Stein (with Nanna Kildal) The principle of universalism: Tracing a key concept in the Scandanavian welfare model
Kunnemann Rolf Basic income: A state’s obligation under the human right to food
Lakunina, Liana (with Tatyana Chetvernina) Endless insecurity? The reality of Russia
Laurent, Thierry Incitations et transitions sur le marché du travail: une analyse dynamique
des trappes à inactivité
Lavinas, Lena The bolsa escola in Brazilian cities
Le Clainche, Christine Les préférences pour la redistribution: Une analyse du profil des
individus favourables à l’allocation universelle
le Roux, Pieter The benefits of a basic income in South Africa
Liebeg, Stefan A legitimate guaranteed minimum income
Loftager, Jorn Deliberative democracy and the legitimacy of basic income
Lord, Clive The mutual interdependence of a citizen’s income and ecological sustainability
Lo Vuolo, Ruben The basic income debate in the context of a systemic crisis: The case of Argentina
Manning, Lowell Basic income and economic transformation in New Zealand
Marx, Ive Mass joblessness, the Bismarckian model and the limits to gradual adaptation in Belgium
Matisonn, Heidi (with Jeremy Seekings) Welfare in Wonderland? The politics of the basic income grant in South Africa
Matsaganis, Manos The rise and fall of selectivity a la Grecque
Mau, Steffen A legitimate guaranteed minimum income
Meireis, Torsten Calling: A Christian argument for a basic income
Mon, Jean-Pierre Pour une conditionnalité transitoire
Moreira, Amilcar Individual moral dignity and the guarantee of a minimum income
Morley-Fletcher, Edwin Alternative models of credit cards
Noguera, Jose(with Daniel Raventos) Basic income, social polarisation and the Right to Work
November, Andras Le revenu minimum social à Genève: douze ans de débats politiques
Oberson, Bertrand Les mesures d’insertion sociale dans le canton de Fribourg
Offe, Claus Citizenship Rights: Why Basic Income Security is Fundamental
Opielka, Michael A Care-worker Allowance for Germany
Ostner, Ilona Targeted universalism?
Ozanira da Silva e Silva, Maria Minimal income programmes directed at infantile work eradication and to school inclusion in Brazil
Pinilla, Rafael A diversified basic income for federal states and multinational communities
Pioch, Roswitha Migration, citizenship and welfare reform in Europe: Overcoming Labour Market Segregation
Plant, Raymond Can there be a Right to Basic Income?
Ramji, Vidya Income security and hidden care issues: Female care workers emigrating from Kerala (India) to the Middle East
Raventos, Daniel Republicanism and basic income: The articulation of the public sphere from the repoliticization of the private sphere
Raventos, Daniel Basic income, social polarisation and the Right to Work
Reynolds, Brigid (with Sean Healy ) From poverty relief to universal entitlement: Social welfare and basic
income in Ireland
Saith, Ashwani Reflections on income security in development policy
Salais, Robert (with Nicolas Farvaque) Implementing allowances for young people in France: Enhancing capabilities or increasing selectivity
Salvatore, Ingrid A Philosophical Justification for Basic Income as Social Justice
Samson, Michael (with Ingrid van Niekerk) The macro-economic implications of poverty-reducing transfers
Santibanez, Claudio Equality, human rights and social minima: An unconditional universal basic income proposal for Chile
Sanzo-Gonzalez, Luis Allocation universelle et garantie de ressources au Pays Basque
Schade, Günter The Great Delusion about a remedy for unemployment
Schmitter, Philippe A modest proposal for extending social citizenship in the EU
Schwarzenbach, Sibyl The limits of production: Justifying guaranteed basic income
Shafarman, Steven Mobilising for basic income
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Sheahan, Allen Does everyone have a Right to a Basic Income?
Silva, Marcelo (with Leonardo Basso & Fernando de Pinho) Tobin Tax, minimum income and the eradication of famine in Brazil
Silver, Hilary Social insecurity and basic income
Sobhan, Rehman Income security through asset distribution
Stadler, Sabine Assessing selectivity, including Workfare, in Austria
Standing, Guy The South African Solidarity Grant
Standing, Guy About Time: Basic security through income and capital
Stock, Rosamund The psychological rationale for basic income
Strengmann-Kuhn, Wolfgang Working Poor in Europe: A partial basic income for workers?
Suplicy, Eduardo Legitimising basic income in developing countries: Brazil
Thorel, Jean-Pierre Une allocation universelle pour la Suisse
Tons, Katrin Incremental disentitlement in German welfare policy
Van den Bosch, Karel (with Bea Cantillon) Welfare State protection, labour markets and poverty: lessons from
cross-country comparisons
Vanderborght, Yannick Basic income in Belgium and the Netherlands: Implementation through the back door?
Van Niekerk, Ingrid (with Michael Samson) The macro-economic implications of poverty-reducing transfers
Van Parijs, Philippe Does basic income make sense as a worldwide project?
Van Trier, Walter The conversion of Andre Gorz
Vero, Josiane (with Didier Balsan & Claude Gamel) L’Incidence de l’allocation universelle sur la propension à travailler
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Virjo, Ilkka (with Simo Aho) More selectivity in unemployment compensation in Finland: Has it led to activation or increased poverty?
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Wigley, Simon Basic income and the means to self-govern
Wohlgenannt, Lieselotte
(with Markus Blueme)
Autriche: vers un minimum inter-institutionnel
Zelenev, Sergei Social protection imperatives in post-Socialist Russia
Zelleke, Almaz Radical pluralism: A liberal defence of unconditionality
Zoyem, Jean-Paul Inégalités hommes-femmes et la place des enfants dans la protection sociale

BIEN 2000, Berlin

Name Paper
Archibugi, Franco The non-market activities and the future of Capitalism
Basso, Leonardo The minimum income models of James Meade applied to Brazil
Bauer, Michael Extending social citizenship at the European level: Proposal for a Euro-Stipend
Berteloot, Bernard A basic income or a basic capital?
Blais, Francois (with Jean-Yves Duclos) Basic income in a federation: The case of Canada
Bresson, Yoland Basic income as foundation of the new economy and harmonisation of social European politics
Burbidge, Duncan
(with Stuart Duffin)
Stumbling towards basic income: The prospects for tax-benefit integration
Christensen, Erik The Rhetoric of Rights and responsibilities in workfare and citizen’s income
Costantin, Paulo Dutra
(with Leonardo Basso)
The minimum income models of James Meade applied to Brazil
Cunliffe, John (with Guido Erreygers) Basic income? Basic capital! Origins and issues of a debate
Dahms, Harry Moishe Postone’s critique of traditional Marxism as an argument for the guaranteed minimum income
De Deken, Johan Funded pensions, responsibility of ownership, and economic citizenship
De Wispelaere, Jurgen Bargaining for basic income? Justice and politics in welfare policy
De Wispelaere, Jurgen
(with Daniel Rubenson)
Participation through basic income: A social capital approach
Duclos, Jean-Yves Basic income in a federation: The case of Canada
Duffin, Stuart Recognizing citizenship
Duffin, Stuart
(with Duncan Burbidge)
Stumbling towards basic income: The prospects for tax-benefit integration
Erreygers, Guido Basic income? Basic capital! Origins and issues of a debate
Fischer, Andrea Opening Address
Franzmann, Manuel
(with Sascha Liebermann)
Saving citizenship from the Workhouse: Upholding the obligation to work undermines the citizen’s autonomy
Fumagalli, Andrea Eleven propositions on basic income (basic income in a flexible accumulation system)
Giullari, Susanna Enabling the creative tension: Lone mothers, kin support and basic income
Godino, Roger Basic income, market economy, and democracy
Groot, Loek
(with Robert van der Veen )
Basic income versus working subsidies: An assessment of the Vandenbroucke model
Healy, Sean
(with Brigid Reynolds)
Progressing basic income on a range of fronts
Hoglund, Mats Reflections about the basic income debate from a Swedish perspective
Huber, Joseph Funding basic income by Seignorage
Jacquet, Laurence Does optimal income tax theory justify a basic income?
Janson, Per Basic income and the Swedish welfare state
Just, Wolf-Dieter Towards a new understanding of work, income and life
Kildal, Nanna Workfare policies and the Scandinavian welfare model
Klammer, Ute Working women in the age of flexibility: New diversities, new needs for social protection
Kraetke, Michael Taxation and civil rights. The Right to subsistance in the European Tradition
Krebs, Angelika Why mothers should be fed: Ein kritik an Van Parijs
Kutylowski, Jan Relative income deprivation and its determinants and consequences in Poland
Leischen, Petra (with Wolfram Otto) Existential subsistence for everyone: The concept of BAG-SHI
Lerner, Sally The positives of ‘flexibility’: Spreading work, promoting choice
Little, Adrian Civil societies and economic citizenship: The contribution of basic income theory to new interpretations of the public sphere
Martínez, Francisco José Salary work and free activity
Liebermann, Sascha
(with Manuel Franzmann)
Saving citizenship from the Workhouse: Upholding the obligation to work undermines the citizen’s autonomy
Mathers, Andrew
(with Graham Taylor)
Popular networks and public support for a basic income in Europe
Merle, Jean-Christophe Would a universal basic income really leximin real freedom?
Moreno, Luis Europeanization and decentralization of ‘safety net’ schemes
Moulier Boutang, Yann The link between global productivity and individual cumulative basic income: Some suggestions
Noguera, José Antonio Basic income and the Spanish welfare state
Opielka, Michael Parental income and basic income. Why family matters for citizenship
Otto, Wolfram
(with Petra Leischen)
Existential subsistence for everyone: The concept of BAG-SHI
Ozanira da Silva e Silva , Maria The minimum income: A monetary transfer to poor families with children in school age in brazil
Pinilla, Rafael The persistence of poverty in free market economic systems and the basic income proposal: An economic analysis
Pioch, Roswitha EU integration and basic income: Rethinking social justice in competitive welfare states
Reynolds, Brigid
(with Sean Healy)
Progressing basic income on a range of fronts
Robeyns, Ingrid C The political economy of non-market work
Rubenson, Daniel
(with Jurgen De Wispelaere)
Participation through basic income: A social capital approach
Schmitter, Philippe
(with Michael Bauer)
Extending social citizenship at the European level: Proposal for a Euro-Stipend
Seel, Barbara Legitimizing unpaid household work by monetarization – achievements and problems
Suplicy, Eduardo In the direction of a citizen’s income: The advancement of the battle in Brazil
Suplicy, Eduardo Um dialogo com Milton Friedman sobre o imposto de renda negativo
Taylor, Graham
(with Andrew Mathers)
Popular networks and public support for a basic income in Europe
Tenschert, Ursula (with Matthias Till) Poverty and minimum income in EU-14: First results of the ECHP
Till, Matthias (with Ursula Tenschert) Poverty and minimum income in EU-14: First results of the ECHP
Töns, Katrin Paternalism and the right to take risks
Vanderborght, Yannick The ‘VIVANT’ experiment in Belgium: An issue-based political party focused on full basic income
Van der Veen, Robert (with Loek Groot) Basic income versus working subsidies: An assessment of the Vandenbroucke model
Van Donselaar, Gijs Tom Sawyers fence: On the border between leisure and income
Van Parijs, Philippe Basic income: A simple and powerful idea for the 21st century
Walter, Tony How to thrive while on sabbatical: A review of evidence
Widerquist, Karl Citizenship or obligation
Wigley, Simon The right to equal choice and the problem of cumulative (mis)fortune

BIEN 1998, Amsterdam

Name Paper
Andersson, Jan-Otto (SUO) The History of an Idea: Why did Basic Income Thrill the Finns, but not the Swedes? (published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Balfour, Christopher (UK) Selling Basic Income to UK Conservatives
Borovali, Murat (UK) Self-Ownership, Private Property, and Unconditional Income: A Variation on the Georgist Theme
Chapman, David (UK) Reforming the tax and benefit system to reduce unemployment
Chiappero, E. (IT), with M. Serati & F. Silva Basic income: an insidious trap or a fruitful chance for the Italian labour market?
Christensen, Erik (DK) An analysis of the Danish political debate on Citizen’s Income in the period 1977-97
Clark, Charles (US), with Catherine Kavanagh Answering the Economic Questions and Objections to a Basic Income
Cunliffe, John (UK), with Guido Erreyghers Basic Endowments and Basic Income: Some Belgian Precursors
De Beer, Paul (NL) In search of the double-edged sword
(published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
De Beer, Paul (NL), with Loek Groot Why launch a basic income experiment?
De Wispelaere, Jurgen (B) Job Rights, Reciprocity, and the Constitutional Approach to Basic Income
Duboin, Marie-Louise (F) The Civic Contract: a first step to a distributive economy
Erreygers, Guido (B), with John Cunliffe Basic Endowments and Basic Income: Some Belgian Precursors
Ferge, Zsuzsa (H) Basic Income for the Poorer Part of Europe?
Fitzpatrick, Tony (UK) Into an Era of Post-Social Security: Globalisation and State Pluralism
Gamel, Claude (FR) The use of employment rents for the financing of basic income
Gortemaker, Philip (NL) Basic income, a matter of the heart
Healy, Sean (IRE), with Brigid Reynolds From Concept to Green Paper: Putting Basic Income on the Political Agenda (published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Hemerijck, Anton (NL) Prospects for Effective Social Citizenship in an Age of Structural Inactivity
(published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Howard, Michael (US) Basic Income and Cooperatives
Hughes, Gordon (UK), with Adrian Little New Labour, Communitarianism and the Public Sphere in the UK
Jerusalem, Erwin (AU) Basic Income: How it was introduced to the political agenda in Austria
Kavanagh, Catherine (IRE), with Charles Clark Answering the Economic Questions and Objections to a Basic Income
Lehmann, Mary (US) Opposing Globalization Could Justify Resource-Based Basic Income
Lerner, Sally (CA) Fear of freedom: a barrier to putting BI on the political agenda
Little, Adrian (UK), with Hughes Gordon New Labour, Communitarianism and the Public Sphere in the UK
Loftager, Jørn (DK) Solidarity and Universality in the Danish Welfare State
Lunde, Thomas (CA) The Family Basic Income Proposal
Manning, Lowell (NZ) The Economic Effects of Introducing a Full Universal Basic Income into the New Zealand Economy
Metz, Paul (NL) The daughter of Karl Marx en Adam Smith
Mitschke, Joachim (D) Pleading for a Negative Income Tax
(published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Morier-Genoud, Jean (SWI) Toward a renovation of economic circulation and institutionsMorley-Fletcher, Edwin (IT)
Opening AddressOzanira da Silva e Silva, Maria (BRA)
The Minimum Income as a Policy for Increasing Child Education in BrazilPelzer, Helmut (GE)
Funding of an Unconditional Basic Income in Germany via a Modified
Tax/Transfer SystemPioch, Roswitha (GE)
The bottom line of the welfare state in Germany and the NetherlandsQuilley, Steven (UK)
Sustainable Funding of Basic Income: Environment, Citizenship & Community, and a Trajectory for Basic Income Politics in Europe
(published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Reynolds, Brigid (IRE), with Sean Healy From Concept to Green Paper: Putting Basic Income on the Political Agenda (published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Robeyns, Ingrid (B) An emancipation fee or hush money? The advantages and disadvantages of a basic income for women’s emancipation and well-being
(published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Roos, Nikolas (NL) Basic Income and the justice of taxationSalinas, Claudio Caesar (ARG), with Philippe Van Parijs
Basic income and its cognates. Puzzling equivalence and unheeded differences between alternative ways of addressing the new social question (published in Basic Income on the Agenda) Scharpf, Fritz (D)
Basic Income and Social Europe
(published in Basic Income on the Agenda)
Schutz, Robert (US) More Basic IncomeSerati, M. (IT), with E. Chiappero & F. Silva
Basic income: an insidious trap or a fruitful chance for the Italian labour market?Silva, F. (IT) ), with E. Chiappero & M. Serati
Basic income: an insidious trap or a fruitful chance for the Italian labour market?Smith, Jeffery (US)
From Potlatch to EarthshareStanding, Guy (SWI)
Seeking Equality of Security in the Era of GlobalisationTerraz, Isabelle
Redistributive Impact of a Basic Income: A Focus on Women’s SituationVan Parijs, Philippe (B), with Claudio Caesar Salinas
Basic income and its cognates. Puzzling equivalence and unheeded differences between alternative ways of addressing the new social question (published in Basic Income on the Agenda) Widerquist, Karl (US)
Reciprocity and the guaranteed income