Executive Committee

Executive Committee posts and postholders

PositionExpiry datePostholder
Chair2020Louise Haagh
Vice Chair2020Sarath Davala
Secretary2021Julio Aguirre
Treasurer *2021Mark Wadsworth
Assistant treasurer *2022Jamie Cooke
BI News Editor(vacant)
BI Features Editor2020Tyler Prochazka
BI News and Volunteer Recruitment Officer2022Leah Hamilton
Academic editor/research2020Toru Yamamori
Affiliate and public outreach2021Julio Linares
Fundraiser2021Aoife Hegarty
Bank Account Trustee *2020Anne Miller
Bank Account Trustee *2020Jake Eliot
Chair of the International Board2020Philippe Van Parijs
* Treasurer, assistant treasurer, and bank account trustees, must be resident in the United Kingdom