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During the Summer of 2021 four Chinese students volunteered with BIEN. One of their tasks was to translate into Chinese a number of pages and posts on the BIEN website. The translations will be found here.

Another exercise was to write summaries in English of a number of documents in Chinese. The summaries can be accessed from one of the posts on this page.

Thank you to Chunzhuo Zhang (Joey), Fang Yuan (Sherry), Xianwen Huang (Amanda), and Qihao Liang (Qihao), for working with BIEN; to Furui Cheng, Li-Hsin Leen (Jeff), Tyler Prochazka and Leah Hamilton for assistance with the project; and to the Global Cultural Adventurers for making it possible.

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BIEN’s 2023 Congress to be held in Seoul, Korea Wed. 23rd to Sat. 26th August 2023.

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A Basic Income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement. Read more

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