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Kyoto JAPAN: Kyoto Basic Income Weekend, 22-23 April

  In Kyoto during the April 22nd -23rd weekend, local artists, community activists, students, architects, academic, etc are hosting two events for discussing on ‘what would you do if your income were taken care of’. Enno Schmidt from Switzerland and Ping Xu from Taiwan will be joining.   22nd April: DIY festival ‘Basic Income Garden’ venue: Honmachi Escola (a community

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Swiss referendum leader discusses basic income

One of the masterminds behind the upcoming Swiss referendum on the basic income Enno Schmidt said that no matter the outcome on June 5, he will still have achieved his goal of starting a widespread discussion about the issue. Schmidt started his basic income advocacy back in 2006 and has been pushing the idea through films, lectures and articles ever

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Swiss politicians reject basic income because they are scared of humans

By Che Wagner Originally published in German in the Swiss online newspaper Tages Woche. Translated by Matthias Lindemer for Basic Income News. (Photo shows activists of the Swiss Basic Income Initiative with a banner inside a vault. Credit: Stefan Bohrer) On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, the Swiss parliament debated a popular petition for an unconditional basic income. Enough signatures were

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