In Kyoto during the April 22nd -23rd weekend, local artists, community activists, students, architects, academic, etc are hosting two events for discussing on ‘what would you do if your income were taken care of’. Enno Schmidt from Switzerland and Ping Xu from Taiwan will be joining.


22nd April: DIY festival ‘Basic Income Garden’

venue: Honmachi Escola (a community and residence space for artists )

time: 11.00-17:00

The venue is located on a very old alley which creates the impression of a half century ago. The following workshops are held in a Teepee, a garden, and a hut. They cover such subjects as:

  • ‘one week with a basic income’
  • ‘a town with a basic income’
  • ‘basic in curry’
  • ‘making a zine and a wall newspaper’

Film screening, music instrument making, etc, are also planned.


23rd April: Symposium ‘Art, Commons, Feminism and a Basic Income’

venue: M1 lecture room, Meitoku-kan, Imadegawa campus, Doshisha university

time: 13.00-17.30

13.00- Enno Schmidt, Ping Xu, Toru Yamamori ‘Lessons from Switzerland and Taiwan’

14.50- Enno Schmidt, Kaori Katada, Akio Sasaki, Jun Yamaguchi ‘Art, Commons and Feminism’

16.30- Parallel sessions: ‘Shrinking Society with Basic Income’ (moderator: Kimio Ito) / ‘Taiwan and Basic Income’ (moderator: Ping Xu and Kaori Katada) / ‘How we go forward to Basic Income gradually’ (moderator: Shinji Murakami and Hayato Kobahashi)


Kyoto Basic Income Weekend is a newly formed collective with local artists, community activists, etc. It is hosting this event with BIEN Japan, The Forum on Shrinking Society, Students at Toru Yamamori Lab, Doshisha university.


Reviewed by Cameron McLeod.

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