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Chris Weller, “A Dutch city is giving residents free money, no strings attached — here’s why it could work”

Weller discusses the upcoming Utrecht basic income experiment, arguing that basic income may have an impact that will not be translatable to the U.S. since Utrecht has such a small population and a higher proportion of part-time workers. Chris Weller, “A Dutch city is giving residents free money, no strings attached — here’s why it could work”, Business Insider, 30

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Language: DUTCH Klokwerk, “Proeven aan het basisinkomen: de vrije-inloopbijstand” [Tests of basic income: condition-free assistance]

News portal Sargasso.nl runs an opinion piece on the condition-free benefit payment experiments currently being developed by several green and socially liberal local authorities in the Netherlands. Specialist commentator Klokwerk warns that the pilot schemes may fail to generate the hoped-for evidence in favor of basic income because they won’t test dynamic effects on labor markets and benefit uptake choices.

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Language: DUTCH Evelien Meester, “Is een onvoorwaardelijk basisinkomen juridisch mogelijk?” [Is an unconditional basic income legally possible?]

Dutch social policy website Sociaalweb runs an analysis piece on whether the local unconditional basic income experiments being developed in the Netherlands are compatible with national law. Expert judicial commentator Evelien Meester finds that introducing a basic income and sweeping away the current social security framework would be entirely compatible with the Dutch constitution. However, Meester warns that a basic

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NETHERLANDS: Basic Income activists initiates crowd funding process to finance his own Basic Income

A 24 year old econometrician from the Netherlands, named Sjir Hoeijmakers, is also a leading basic income activist. He has already written a motion defending basic income implementation and delivered it in Congress, and also an article about basic income which got published in Times. Has been speaking and lecturing around the Netherlands, and is involved in preparation efforts for

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Discussion of a Possible Basic Income Pilot Project in the Netherlands

Guy Standing, honorary co-President of BIEN, visited Groningen, Netherlands in the last week of January 2015 to discussing with locals the possibility of launching a pilot basic income scheme around there. He does not know yet whether the project will happen, but he says, the group seems very grounded, and the man on the council in charge of social policy

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THE NETHERLANDS: Basic Income Week Events, September 15-21, 2014

Unconditional Basic Income can become the basis for “Building Social Cohesion in Europe”. This is the motto of this year’s International Basic Income Week, which is scheduled to run from September 15–21, 2014. BI Weeks activities in the Netherlands include, a viewing Enno Schmidt’s Basic Income Film, organizing a Parking Day for the UBI, debates, book presentations, workshops, etc. Swiss

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