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India: Telangana, unconditional cash transfer to farmers and more

Road in rural India. Picture credit to: India TV. Farmers in India are under considerable stress. Uncertainty regarding weather, yield, prices and revenue, create the perfect conditions for distress and fragility over the exposure to shark lenders. That also means that massive hunger is a risk just around the corner, and in a year of elections in India, its rural

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Guy Standing: “The Precariat: Today’s Transformative Class?”

Guy Standing has just posted an article on the Great Transition Initiative website. Titled “The Precariat: Today’s Transformative Class?”, the essay describes social evolution in the last few centuries and present-day neoliberal “rentier economy”, which has created the conditions to the rise of a new social class for which Standing has named the “precariat”. Guy Standing defends that it will

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Italy: Guy Standing talk of Basic Income at the International Journalism Festival

Universal basic income. A radical rethinking of work, well-being and freedom. This is the title of the meeting that took place within the Festival of Journalism held in Perugia on April 13th, 2018. From 2 pm at the Teatro della Sapienza, Alessandro Gilioli de L’Espresso magazine interviewed Guy Standing from BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network). As an introduction to the

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International: Basic Income at the World Economic Forum 2018

During the World Economic Forum during 23rd-26th January in Davos, Switzerland, universal basic income (UBI) will be discussed at several sessions:   11:00 GMT 23 January:  How Is Rentier Capitalism Aggravating Inequality? For the summary, speakers and live streaming, please see here.   11:30 GMT 26 January:  Guaranteed Income for Growth? For the summary, speakers and live streaming, please see

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Portugal: Web Summit – Guy Standing’s Basic Income Panel

At the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, from November 5th to 8th, Guy Standing took part in this big event. Over 60,000 participants from 170 countries attended the event; the event hosted about 1,200 speakers. Some speakers included influential individuals like Elon Musk, Al Gore, Bono, Margrethe Vestager, Travis Kalanick, Jack Dorsey, Reed Hastings, Mike Krieger, Eva Longoria, Professor Stephen

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United States: Standing, in Moon magazine interview, says nearly half of world population misled by right-wing politicians

Guy Standing. Credit to: Lighthouse.   Guy Standing, co-founder of Bien and a University of London professor, in an interview for the Moon magazine says people with a precarious future are preyed upon by right-wing politicians. Neo-liberal economic policies, “globalization, automation, and outsourcing” have, according to Standing, created a large and rising number of precariats (estimated as 40-50% of world

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