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BRUSSELS: “Basic income: Paradise or Purgatory?” 2 June 2016

Only days ahead of the Swiss referendum on basic income we take on the very same topic. A guaranteed basic income for every citizen: The idea sounds alluring, especially if it would replace the hotchpotch social security systems around Europe. Basic income is currently reliving somewhat of a renaissance in Europe, with the Finnish government implementing its first experimental basic income scheme

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BELGIUM and BRAZIL: Basic Income Advocate, Eduardo Suplicy Receives Honorary Degree from the Catholic University of Louvain

Former Brazilian Senator and long-time campaigner for basic income, Eduardo Suplicy received an honorary degrees from the Catholic University of Louvain earlier this year. The degree came for work as an “utopiste pour le temps présent” (utopian for the present). Also receiving degrees were Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and architect Paola Vigano. Suplicy’s acceptance speech is on line, including his famous

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VIDEO: Christina Lambrecht, “Basic Income and Zeitgeist in Transition”

From the video description: “On April 4th 2015, Christina Lambrecht gave a very vibrant talk about Basic Income. She talks about UBI and their critics without arguments, GNP without happiness, lazy losers winning the lottery, and robots stealing our jobs. She also explains the criteria for the UBI as defined by BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network), and arguments from a

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