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Netherlands: International Congress on Basic Income Experiments, Maastricht

On 30 January 2016, BasisInkomen, the Dutch association for a basic income, hosted the International Congress on Basic Income Experiments in Maastricht, Netherlands, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This was an opportunity for those interested in the idea of a basic income to come together to reflect on recent developments – particularly in the Netherlands, Finland and France – and

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GERMANY: Basic Income initiatives in Europe in the leading magazine “Der Spiegel”

Daniel Häni. Credit to: The Establishment. Within the past two months, the well-known German magazine Der Spiegel has published two comprehensive articles about Basic Income. The December 25th edition of Der Spiegel contains an article that discusses models of Basic Income and the current popular initiative in Switzerland, as well as some calculations on the cost of introducing it in

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