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Canada: Green Party is more inclined to creating jobs rather than financing a basic income

Elisabeth May. Picture credit to: Mission City Record.   Elisabeth May, Canada’s Green Party leader has spoken about a “robot tax” which, according to the party’s Platform, focuses on large companies (exempting slam businesses) laying off employees due to investments in artificial intelligence (AI). In this scheme, these companies would pay the equivalent amount of income tax which would be

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Europe: Green European Journal Asked Experts, Activists, and Politicians About Basic Income

Credit Picture: Green European Journal 2018   The Green European Journal launched the Green Observatory on Basic Income, asking to experts in a series of interviews about the status of universal basic income (UBI) in the political discourse of their country, and the stance that Green, and other progressive parties, show towards it. The Green European Journal is an editorial indipendent

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Finland: Governmental announcement of the basic income experiment: the Greens’ response

As we’ve recently reported here, Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health announced their plan for the basic income experiment, and requested citizens’ opinions on it, on the 25th of August. We’ve also reported Finnish experts’ responses here, including a critical remark by Osmo Soininvaara, a former Minister of Social Services from the Finnish Green League and a long-time UBI

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Caroline Lucas, ‘These are the simple reasons why a basic income for all could transform our society for the better’

Caroline Lucas, ‘These are the simple reasons why a basic income for all could transform our society for the better‘, The Independent, 16th January 2015. Caroline Lucas, the only member of parliament from the Green Party of England and Wales, has been considered as being reluctant for a citizen’s income according to a past media report, although it has been

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CANADA: Elizabeth May: Paying Everyone A Basic Income Will End Poverty And Save Money

Basic Income is an idea that has been gaining popularity amongst Canadians. The Green Party has made basic income one of the most important planks of their platform, tying it to their anti-poverty efforts and elder care strategy. Dubbing their “Guaranteed Livable Income” (GLI), the Greens would use “a single universal, unconditional cash benefit delivered through the tax system” to

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OPINION: Reclaiming the Women’s Liberationist Demand for a Citizen’s Income

Thanks to the Green Party of England and Wales, and the Scottish Green Party, a Citizen’s Income, a.k.a. a Basic Income, is now on the political agenda for the general election on 7th May 2015 in the U.K. This has expanded British media coverage on the topic dramatically. An ITV opinion poll focused on Green Party includes a Citizen Income

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