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Europe: Green European Journal Asked Experts, Activists, and Politicians About Basic Income

Credit Picture: Green European Journal 2018


The Green European Journal launched the Green Observatory on Basic Income, asking to experts in a series of interviews about the status of universal basic income (UBI) in the political discourse of their country, and the stance that Green, and other progressive parties, show towards it.

The Green European Journal is an editorial indipendent publication of the Green European Fundation (GEF), which is funded by the European Parliament.

The Journal is “a platform to help debates and ideas to travel across Europe’s cultural and political borders, and of contributing to the construction of a vibrant European public space.”

Being UBI something which always interested green circles and movements, for its potential in enhancing individual freedoms and capacities, the Journal decided to investigate the current status of the debate across the political spectrum in Europe.



Belgium – Kim Evangelista

England & Wales – Natalie Bennett

Greece – Constantine Dimoulas

Germany – Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn

Finland – Ville Ylikahri

France – Lucile Schmid

Italy – Giuseppe Allegri

Poland – Adam Ostolski

Portugal – Jorge Pinto

Scotland – Jamie Cooke

Spain – Julen Bollain

Switzerland – Irina Studhalter


More information at:

“Green Observatory: Basic income”, Green European Journal, October 17th 2018.

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