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Overview of Current Basic Income Related Experiments (October 2017)

The year 2017 has been a watershed year for basic income, as multiple governments and private research groups have independently conceived and launched experimental trials of closely related policies. This article reviews the experiments that are being launched or well along the path.

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Video: Discussing Basic Income with Y Combinator Research

Y Combinator has filmed a video in which researchers Elizabeth Rhodes and Matt Krisiloff discuss the firm’s basic income pilot. Y Combinator is a firm based in Silicon Valley that invests and coaches promising young startups, connecting them to potential investors. They have currently launched the first phase of their pilot in Oakland, California. (See the recent Stanford Panel for

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December 2016 Sam Altman interview in Business Insider

Credit to Business Insider According to Chris Weller from Business Insider, Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator (the largest startup accelerator in Silicon Valley), recently voiced some of his doubts regarding people replacing their current work with other meaningful work or activities if given a basic income. Weller reports Altman puts faith in the provision of free money to make

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