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Italy: Urgent petition in time of Corona Virus: “Citizen income for all! If not now, When?”

The Basic Income Network (BIN) Italia has published a petition pleading for the Italian governement and Parliament to immediately install an emergency basic income. There, it can be read: To the Italian government and Parliament EXPANDING THE CITIZEN’S INCOME SCHEME! IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Right at a time when it is recognised that individuals must act as active and responsible

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THE NETHERLANDS: Petition for Experiment with Basic Income for Unemployed 55+ Handed to Parliament

On November 14th 2017, Antoinette Hertsenberg (from the Dutch television program Radar) handed over a petition to the Dutch Parliament (signed by 113.344 people), asking for an experiment with a basic income for people over 55 years old who are unemployed. The petition was started after Radar called attention to the fact that only 3% of the unemployed 55+ have a

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Pete Higgins, “Why Universal Basic Income is a Better Alternative to the Welfare State.”

[Toru Yamamori] Pete Higgins is an independent candidate for Stoke on Trent South, a UK parliament constituency where currently represented a Labour MP. He initiated an online petition for a basic income as well. In his post, he displays reasons for BIG such as a failure of the current welfare state, etc, which can be found elsewhere in BI literature.

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