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Pete Higgins is an independent candidate for Stoke on Trent South, a UK parliament constituency where currently represented a Labour MP. He initiated an online petition for a basic income as well. In his post, he displays reasons for BIG such as a failure of the current welfare state, etc, which can be found elsewhere in BI literature. What is unique in his proposal is that he argues that only maximum two children in the same family could get ‘Child UBI.’ According to him this restriction should be made in order to “encourage people to make responsible financial decisions during family planning and help control unsustainable population growth.”

Pete Higgins, “Why Universal Basic Income is a Better Alternative to the Welfare State.” Pete Higgins – independent candidate for Stoke on Trent South, November 5th, 2014.

From https://higginsindependent.com/2014/11/05/why-universal-basic-income-is-a-better-alternative-to-the-welfare-state/

Pete Higgins



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