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India: Government announces major move in the direction of basic income guarantee

India’s ruling coalition government suddenly and unexpectedly announce a major move in the direction of a basic income guarantee by replacing many transfer and expanding them into a cash transfer program. The government will begin phasing-in the program on January 1, 2013. Details are sketchy at this point. According the New York Times, “The plan is to replace existing pensions,

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The Wealth Divide – poverty and economic inequality within the US and Africa; The Enclosures; the “resource curse” and the corruption of economics; the “law of rent”; addressing the land problem; cooperatives.

Guest Speakers: Gordon Abiama (Nigeria), Acharya Maheshverananda (Venezuela)

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OPINION: BRICS should evaluate cash transfers

The BRICS Heads of State Summit in Delhi this week presents an excellent opportunity to launch some joint initiatives that would help promote the aims of the meeting, security and stability. Among those, one stands out that could easily be sidelined. The leaders of India, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa face a common challenge arising from the fact that

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Basic Income Pilot Project in India makes progress

The Basic Income pilot project in India, conducted by the Self Employed Women’s Association and the India Development Foundation, has been making progress and may provide interesting statistical data in the future, according to information by Guy Standing, professor of economic security at the University of Bath and co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), who has also operated

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