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OPINION: BRICS should evaluate cash transfers

The BRICS Heads of State Summit in Delhi this week presents an excellent opportunity to launch some joint initiatives that would help promote the aims of the meeting, security and stability. Among those, one stands out that could easily be sidelined. The leaders of India, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa face a common challenge arising from the fact that

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Basic Income Pilot Project in India makes progress

The Basic Income pilot project in India, conducted by the Self Employed Women’s Association and the India Development Foundation, has been making progress and may provide interesting statistical data in the future, according to information by Guy Standing, professor of economic security at the University of Bath and co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), who has also operated

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DELHI (IN), 22 January 2011: Lecture by Guy Standing

In Delhi, India, on January 22 Guy Standing, co-president of BIEN, gave an invited lecture on why developing countries should move towards a basic income via unconditional cash transfers at the headquarters of UNICEF, telecast to seven State capitals around India. A week earlier, at the Indian International Centre in Delhi he presented with his co-authors a new book, Social

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INDIA: Ruling government considers a right to food

USBIG reports that Sonia Gandhi, president of India’s ruling Congress Party is pushing to create a constitutional right to food. Her proposal would expand the existing entitlement to make every Indian family eligible for a monthly allotment including sugar, kerosene, and a 77-pound bag of grain. In this form, the proposal would essentially be a small in-kind basic income, similar

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