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PODCAST: Floyd Marinescu talks about basic income on Canadian CBC Radio

Floyd Marinescu, a Canadian entrepreneur who describes himself as “an angel investor, author, humanitarian, and homosapien”, is featured in this interview, on CBC Radio, which has been condensed into a Whiteboard animation. Floyd has been a long-time defender of basic income, from a business perspective. According to him, the rise in aggregate demand which basic income will generate, is just

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ITALY: Basic income and the future of work

Introduction: the minimum income In Italy, the debate on basic income has lasted for almost 20 years. Back in August 1997, the ECN.org website published my pamphlet titled “Ten thesis on citizenship income”. This text, which saw a successful circulation, especially underground, was re-edited in the book “Tute Bianche” [1], presented an overview of the Italian debate regarding the introduction of

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Sam Bowman, “A neoliberal case for a basic income, or something like it”

Even some free-market advocates are lining up in favor of the basic income. Sam Bowman of the Adam Smith Institute argues that the basic income would be an improvement on the current capitalist system. First, Bowman argues that the basic income will alleviate in-work poverty. That is individuals that work but are still in poverty. As automation eliminates many jobs,

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