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ZIMBABWE: Alaska-style dividend proposed for Zimbabwe’s diamond mines

An editorial in a government-sponsored newspaper, reprinted by, discusses how Zimbabwe create an Alaska-style dividend out of revenue from Zimbabwe’s new diamond mines. The article discusses the resource curse through the example of Nigeria’s oil. It suggests that the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend is one of the reasons Alaska has avoided the resource curse. The article is online at:

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NEW ZEALAND: Proposal for a BIG funded by capital taxation

According to the New Zealand Herald, “Economist and fund manager Gareth Morgan, who is a member of the Tax Working Group, has proposed a radical tax restructure to the group’s final public conference that would impose a Comprehensive Capital Tax (CCT) on all land, buildings, plant and equipment to raise NZ$19 billion. This money would then be used to create

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LYBIA: Mouammar Kadhafi pledges to abolish oil ministry and distribute revenues directly to the people

According to Knight Ridder, the Libyan dictator, Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi has pledged to abolish the oil ministry and distribute oil revenues directly to the people. Kadhafi said, according to Reuters, “All citizens have the right to benefit from the oil funds. They should take the money and do whatever they want with it.” He said that the committees that run

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BRAZIL: ReCivitas reports on its consortium Basic Income Of Citizenship At Quatinga Velho, Mogi Das Cruzes, Sao Paulo (state), Brazil.

On the 25th of October 2008 the Instituto pela Revitalização da Cidadania, in the small community of Quatinga Velho at the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, ReCivitas began an independent a pilot project in the Basic Income of Citizenship (BIC) in line with the principles of universality and unconditionality. The organizers hope that the experience of this project will help

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BRAZIL: Workers Party puts BIG in its platform for the upcoming elections

The Partido dos Trabalhadores (the Workers Party) held its Fourth National Congress on February 19-21. All 1350 delegates, by unanimity, approved a guideline as part of the Presidential Program of their candidate Dilma Rousseff. This guideline includes the following endorsement of BIG: “The expansion and the strengthening of the popular consumption goods market, that produces strong positive impact on the

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Overshadowed by the recent turmoil in Iran, the government has been making strong moves toward introducing something very much like a basic income guarantee. According to Hamid Tabatabai, of the International Labor organization, “In January 2010, the Majles (Iran’s parliament) adopted a far-reaching law that progressively replaces subsidies on energy and basic goods with direct cash transfers to the population.

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