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Social media: How Twitter affects the discussion of UBI

  A new research study carried out by Jeff Hemsley, Martha Garcia‐Murillo and Ian P. MacInnes investigates how social media affects the discussion and spread of policy and ideas with a case study focus on the topic of Universal Basic Income (UBI). The researchers argue that social media provides an important space for analysis, with Twitter, in particular, being dominated by

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United Kingdom: The Citizens Basic Income Trust works on basic implementation policy

  A working group has been set up by the Citizens Basic Income Trust (CIT), the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) affiliate in the United Kingdom, with the task of conceptualizing what a basic income policy might look like in the UK. The educational exercise came up with a working title of Fair Allowance Act. Within the draft proposal some

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Finland: Olli Kangas reveals the resistance to UBI

Olli Kangas. Picture credit: What.Happens.Now?   Olli Kangas, one of the masterminds behind Finland’s Universal basic income (UBI) research experiment, has spoken in detail about the process of implementing the UBI experiment and the challenges that have come with it. Finland’s UBI trial, presents the first of its kind in Europe, however different to other examples of UBI, in that

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