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New Link: Basic Income Forum

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There is a new website dedicated to presenting the case for basic income. It features useful information and resources directed to decision makers, journalists, academics, politicians and, more generally, anyone interested in society and how basic income may become an integral part of a new way of organizing people.

In this website, one can find a way to conceive basic income as a permanent deficit economy, an idea brought forward by Geoff Crocker, an economist and philosopher from the UK, a set of arguments to justify it, and a list of answers to common objections to the [basic income] concept. It also presents reviews of recent books on basic income, from Phillipe van Parijs, Malcolm Torry, Anne Miller and Guy Standing, among others, and several research articles by Geoff Crocker.


More information at:

André Coelho, “VIDEO: The economics of basic income (by Geoff Crocker)”, Basic Income News, April 26th 2018

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  • Dale

    My basic complaints with basic income:
    1. Creation of an idle class.
    2. Being taxed for being a productive high earner.
    3. An incentive to have children to gain additional income.
    4. Not a replacement for welfare,
    5. As a replacement for welfare, there is a real danger of cash being used for bad behavior (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, etc,) rather than food, shelter, clothing, insurance premiums, etc..
    6. Inevitable “government management.”
    7. Create the UBI voter.

    My basic support for:
    1. No welfare bureaucracy.

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