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John Muellbauer, "Quantitative easing for the people"

Oxford Economics professor John Muellbauer elaborates a rational justification and a simple application plan for giving each EU citizen a 500 €, no strings attached, monthly payment. The money would be printed in the European Central Bank and simply given to registered citizens in the eurozone. John Muellbauer, “Quantitative easing for the people“, Project Syndicate, November 7 2014

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OPINION: Basic Income, QE3 Plus, and the Euro crisis

Not everyone follows the actions of central banks, such as the private bank cartel called the US federal reserve (the fed), but you should know what the fed is up to lately:  QE3[1] PLUS! See article here. You may know that QE3 is a fed program to purchase $40 Billion in mortgage bonds per month from banks, basically taking crap off

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