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FRANCE: Thomas Piketty, “Basic income or fair wage?”

(Image Credit: Le Monde) Thomas Piketty, Professor in the Paris School of Economics and author of Capital in the 21st Century, in his blog (in Le Monde) reports “there is a degree of consensus in France” on the provision of a minimum income. French citizens are for it. For the minimum income, Piketty says disagreements exist around the amount. The

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FRANCE: Piketty’s comments on basic income cause confusion

Renowned French economist Thomas Piketty, best known for his 2013 book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, has been making headlines for his positive comments regarding basic income in a number of blog posts. However, the approach he proposes is not basic income as it is commonly understood. In a blog post published on 13 December, Basic income or fair wage?,

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Thomas Piketty further discusses his book “Capital in the twenty-first century” and extends relations to basic income

After the resounding commercial and critical success of Thomas Piketty’s book “Capital in the twenty-first century”, the author himself responded, in the form of an article in the latest release of  Basic Income Studies, to critics and to proponents of Basic Income (BI). As Michael Howard puts it in the introductory paper of the referred edition of Basic Income Studies,

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