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SEOUL (South Korea): An open discussion with 'Ecology, Land Tax, Culture, and Basic Income'

Seoul, on June 3, 2011, the Basic Income Korean Network(BIKN), in conjunction with Cultural Action and the Institute of Land and Liberty, held a symposium titled Ecology, Land Tax, Culture, and Basic Income as a part of the 5th Marx Communale that took place in Seoul National University. Part I of the symposium, Culture Society and Basic Income, began with

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SOUTH KOREA: Basic Income Coalition created with aim to support candidates in elections

Following the recent creation of the Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN), Koreans have now launched the Basic Income Coalition (BIC). According to BIEN, BIC held its inaugural event in Seoul on April 25. Fifty civil organizations and more than 770 people participated in this coalition. The aim of the BIC is to support candidates in favor of Basic Income in

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Korean Basic Income Network Launches Inaugural Conference

South Korea has a new basic income network. According to BIEN, the idea of a basic income took off in Korea only a few years ago, when Koreans with connections in Paris and Berlin discovered and reported back home that the leftist Italian philosopher Toni Negri and the wealthy German businessman Gotz Werner both defended an unconditional basic income. Google

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