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UBI-Nordic 2019 – Visions for a Brighter Future Oslo, April 5-7

Borgerlønn BIEN Norway and The Norwegian Student Society are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the next annual Nordic Basic Income Conference, which is to take place at Chateau Neuf in Oslo from the 5th to the 7th April 2019. The conference program will consist of plenary sessions and workshops, featuring both national and international speakers, as well as cultural

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Øyvind Steensen, “Den norske modellen versjon 2.0” (BI as continuation of Norwegian Model)

(Image Credit: Gjesteblogg) Øyvind Steensen describes the Norwegian model, which involves two citizen salary schemes – family allowances and minimum pension, and possible improvements to it. The change to the current welfare system would be the provision of a basic income. Steensen describes basic income as “a basic citizen wages granted without means testing for all adults residing in the

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NORWAY: BIEN’s Guy Standing to speak at Nordic Social Security Conference

BIEN’s cofounder and honorary co-president Guy Standing (SOAS, University of London) will deliver the opening keynote address at the Nordic Social Security Conference, held June 8-10 in Oslo, Norway. The conference,organized by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, which also include discussion of Finland’s impending basic income experiment. More information about the conference (in Norwegian) is available here: “Nordisk sosialforsikringsmøte 2016” (NAV). Later in the

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VIDEO: Marius Imerslund, “Globalization Conference: cash payment as aid [Globaliseringskonferansen: Kontantutbetaling som bistand]“

This is the video from the biannual conference held by the Norwegian Social Forum (Norwegian branch of the World Social Forum), composed by BIEN Norway and 65 other member organizations. Guy Standing, Ståle Wig (University of Oslo), Hilde Opoku (Green Party in Norway) and Eve Kløve (NORAD) were some of the speakers at the event. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQXe82CVXOgr Part 2.

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Christian Siegwart Petersen, “Money for nothing? Arguments for basic income, universal pensions and universal child benefits in Norway”

Abstract: “Basic income is a radical idea which has gained more attention in many countries in recent years, as traditional welfare states are having trouble solving the problems they were created to solve. Basic income promises to solve many of these problems in an effective and simple way. The purpose of this thesis is to study basic income in a

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Nanna Kildal, "Hvorfor snakker vi ikke om borgerlønn? [Why dont we talk about Citizen Wage?]."

SUMMARY: This article argues for a citizens’ wages to all income without any obligation, saying such a scheme would go a long way in fighting poverty, and asking why are there no politicians who talk about it. The author presents the idea in general, and asks whether we can afford it, writing about poverty traps and about the moral issue

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