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KOREA: Joint Press Conference to Call for Basic Income Scheme, Seoul

[Witten by Hosang Ahn, co-organizer of the BIEN Congress 2016] Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN, president: Namhoon Kang) held the joint press conference to demand that the next National Assembly should discuss and legislate the basic income scheme on the 16th March at the city center of Seoul. Nine organizations including BIKN and some candidates for the general election who

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SOUTH KOREA: Mayor of Seongnam City talks on his plan for ‘Youth Dividend’

Enno Schmidt, co-founder of the Swiss basic income initiative, made a film on Jae-Myeong Lee, the mayor of Seongnam City, talking his plan for ‘Youth Dividend’. Jae-Myeong Lee wants to introduce a basic income for the young people in his city, a city of one million inhabitants, 30 km southeast of the capital Seoul. While he was working on this

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SEONGNAM, KOREA: A city with nearly a million population considering for a ‘Youth Dividend’

Seongnam city is considering implementing a ‘Youth Dividend’, based on the idea of a basic income. If it happens, it will be the first case in Korea. The city(성남시 城南市)is located about 20 km south from the centre of Seoul, and has a population of around 980,000 in its 142 square kilometers of land. The mayor, Lee Jae-myeong (이재명) has been keen

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