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Hideaki Nakamura, “Question from Switzerland”

The Swiss referendum has been covered in Japanese media. While some media coverage, especially televised reports, uses the photogenic scenes which were created by Swiss activists, many reports don’t cover the activists’ bottom line message: ‘What would you do if your income were taken care of’. An exception is this short article by Hideaki Nakamura, an editorial writer of the Mainich Newspapers,

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JAPAN: TV program touching BI broadcasts on 11th Feb

NHK, the Japanese National Broadcasting Agency, held a session entitled ‘A World without Work?’ with the World Economic Forum at Davos on 20th January , which it will broadcast the session on its national satellite channel at 11am on 11th February. In the session, anchor Hiroko Kuniya raised a question on a basic income. Some participants, including a Nobel Laureate

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KYOTO, Japan: Creators and Basic Income, December 26, 2015

Tomoyuki Taira, a former Menber of Parliament, invites Ren, a former member of a music group ‘Gacktjob’, for discussing on Creators and a Basic Income. Taira also talks about Basic Income in Finland. The event will be held in Japanese. DATE: 26th December 2015 TIME: 18.30-20.30 VENUE: Video Theater, Wings Kyoto FEE: 1,000 Japanese yen. The details can be found here [in Japanese].  

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Toru Yamamori, “Why Basic Income Now? Limitations of the Japanese Welfare State”

Yahoo Japan, a Japanese online news site features Basic Income. In the first article written by Toru Yamamori, he explains failure of the Japanese Social Security systems. The article also contains information on Guy Standing talk on Basic Income at the International Sociology Association in Yokohama. Toru Yamamori, “Why Basic Income Now? Limitations of the Japanese Welfare State,” Yahoo Japan

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TOKYO, Japan: Thinking About Basic Income, 10th March, 2015.

Tomoyuki Taira, former MP who has been vocal for anti-nuclear power plants, has recently started to advocate a basic income. He will organize an event where he will give a lecture on the concept on 10th March at Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. The language used would be Japanese. Time and Date: 19.30-21.30, 10th March, 2015 Venue: Studio BEIDO Shimokitazawa F studio, Basement,

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Japan: Pro-basic income Green Party has a new political platform

Greens Japan (Japanese Green party) endorsed BIG from its beginning in 2012. On 31st October 2014, A new political organization ‘E-Future Association [e-mirai-no-kai]’ was launched in Kyoto. This organisation is a loose umbrella entity for coming local election in Kyoto 2015 by the Green Japan, the Kyoto Seikatsusha Network, and citizens who do not belong to any political organization. ‘E’,

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