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India: UBI is likely to come to fruition in Sikkim, but not without contention

Flooded lands in Sikkim, due to dam construction. As reported before, the Indian State of Sikkim, through the political party Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF), presently holding power, is “committed to bringing Universal Basic Income” (UBI). The state is currently under an electoral process, which is set to terminate until the 27th of May. Other parties are contending the election (e.g.:

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India: Prem Das Rai: “Lazy people will be lazy people whether they get money or not”

Prem Das Rai (Wikipedia)   The Morung Express newspaper has interviewed the sole Sikkim MP at Lok Sabha (central parliament in India), Prem Das Rai. On the 17th of February, excerpts of that interview were posted, where Rai clearly states that introducing a universal basic income (UBI) in the state “is a leap of faith”. To him, it is a

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Anil Sasi: “Universal Basic Income: The ‘money for nothing’ idea”

Children playing in Sikkim, India. Picture credit to: India Today Anil Sasi’s article starts from the Sikkim announcement to implement a basic income in the state, up until 2022. After describing the basic income concept in broad strokes, explains the Indian tapestry of conditional social benefits, in cash and in kind, which is riddled with inefficiency and corruption. It refers

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India: Congress party gets serious about basic income and reaches out to Thomas Piketty for policy design support

Thomas Piketty. Picture credit to: Books Live (Sunday Times) Details are being fed into Rahul Gandhi’s promise of a minimum income guarantee to poor Indians, an announcement made earlier this month. Thomas Piketty, an authority in economics, and particularly in inequality analysis, is assisting Ghandi’s Congress party in designing the policy onto the Indian context. Although Piketty has a particular vision

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