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International: Study to evaluate impact of cash transfers in Liberia

The Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) group, based in New York, is preparing a large-scale cash transfer study in Liberia, particularly focusing on rural farming households. Cash transfers will be delivered by GiveDirectly, and also coordinated with USAID, to be rolled out for at least two years. GiveDirectly has been responsible for other large scale unconditional cash transfer programs, namely

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USA: Cash transfers to victims of Hurricane Harvey: a useful experiment

GiveDirectly, a nonprofit organization currently most known for unconditional cash transfers in East Africa, has decided to distribute cash among Hurricane Harvey victims, starting with those afflicted in Rose City, Texas with a population of about 500 people considered for the project. However, depending on occupancy of the affected areas, the estimation is to cover at least 3000 people with

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Overview of Current Basic Income Related Experiments (October 2017)

The year 2017 has been a watershed year for basic income, as multiple governments and private research groups have independently conceived and launched experimental trials of closely related policies. This article reviews the experiments that are being launched or well along the path.

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KENYA: GiveDirectly’s Guaranteed Monthly Income Expands to 200 Villages Fall 2017

Pictured: Kenyan village to receive GiveDirectly’s guaranteed basic income Source: Nichole Sibecki for NPR   GiveDirectly offers to give every adult in a Kenyan village a guaranteed basic income of 27,258 Kenyan Shillings- or 264 US dollars- per year for the next 12 years without any conditions. Providing unconditional cash transfers directly to people has proven to increase economic outcomes

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US / KENYA: New study published on results of basic income pilot in Kenya

Village women. Credit to: Andrew Renneisen for The New York Times   GiveDirectly, a New York-based nonprofit, which activity has been covered in Basic Income News before, has initiated a pilot program in a rural village in Western Kenya, this past October. The organization recently published an internal analysis of the pilot program, in a first attempt to process the results

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