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International: Basic Income at the World Economic Forum 2018

During the World Economic Forum during 23rd-26th January in Davos, Switzerland, universal basic income (UBI) will be discussed at several sessions:   11:00 GMT 23 January:  How Is Rentier Capitalism Aggravating Inequality? For the summary, speakers and live streaming, please see here.   11:30 GMT 26 January:  Guaranteed Income for Growth? For the summary, speakers and live streaming, please see

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WORLD: Universal Basic Income Discussed at World Economic Forum

At the World Economic Forum in January this year, four panelists were invited to talk about universal basic income (UBI): Professor Guy Standing (University of London), co-founder of BIEN and author of several books on UBI, Neelie Kroes, former minister in the Dutch Parliament, former EU commissioner, and current member of several boards, Amitabh Kant, CEO of the National Institution

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Scott Santens, “Why we should all have a basic income”

The World Economic Forum has published an article on unconditional basic income (UBI) by prominent advocate Scott Santens as part of its 2017 Annual Meeting, commonly referred to by its location, Davos. Santens’ article explains the concept of UBI for newcomers and tackles common reservations and misconceptions. Responding, for instance, to those who argue that it is wasteful to provide

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