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International: Basic Income at the World Economic Forum 2018

During the World Economic Forum during 23rd-26th January in Davos, Switzerland, universal basic income (UBI) will be discussed at several sessions:


11:00 GMT 23 January:  How Is Rentier Capitalism Aggravating Inequality?

For the summary, speakers and live streaming, please see here.


11:30 GMT 26 January:  Guaranteed Income for Growth?

For the summary, speakers and live streaming, please see here.


Guy Standing, a Research Professor in Development Studies, University of London, and an honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network, who will be on the panels of the above two sessions, will also speak for UBI in the following two sessions:


13:30 GMT 23 January:  Social Safety Nets for the Fourth Industrial Revolution


16:30 GMT 23 January:  Bringing Dignity with Basic Income


The details of these two sessions is not yet disclosed online. UBI was also discussed the World Economic Forum held in 2017.


More information at:

Toru Yamamori, “INTERNATIONAL: Christopher Pissarides, a Nobel Laureate, argues for UBI at the World Economic Forum at Davos”, Basic Income News, 6th February 2017

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