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United States: Report from the 2nd San Francisco Basic Income Create-a-thon

Organized by the Universal Income Project, the goal of the Create-a-thon is to spread awareness and raise support for the idea of basic income. Forty people attended the weekend-long event in March, including filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, technologists, songwriters, and activists.   The weekend kicked off with speakers from the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, the Insight Center,

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United States (San Francisco): Sean Kline speaks at sold out event on Universal Basic Income

On January 23rd, Sean Kline, Director of the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment, spoke at a Questions & Answers event where he discussed his ideas for universal basic income (UBI) pilots in San Francisco, as well as other cities across the United States. Kline was hosted by Jim Pugh, the co-director of the Universal Income Project, and they spoke

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US: San Francisco is not launching a basic income pilot yet

San Francisco is not launching a basic income pilot yet By: Sean Kline, Director of the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment There is a lot of interest in basic income, and whether it could transform income inequality. The Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE)’s interest in basic income is a direct extension of its broader concern for economic security and intergenerational

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UNITED STATES: Drawing to Give Away One-Year Basic Income

As previously announced at Basic Income News, the San Francisco-based project My Basic Income (MBI) will be giving away a $15,000 one-year, no-strings-attached basic income to one randomly selected individual. The winner will be drawn from those who signed up for the raffle by answering one simple question (albeit, as we know, a very big question): “What would you do if

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UNITED STATES: Panel Discussion on Basic Income in San Francisco, April 21

On Thursday, April 21, the Universal Income Project will host a panel discussion entitled “Care and Cash: Universal Basic Income and Social Services in the Bay Area,” to be held at Impact Hub in San Francisco. According to the event description, the panel “will feature experts from a variety of different social service sectors to discuss how Basic Income could affect

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First basic income create-a-thon in San Francisco a great success

November 13-15, 2015, San Francisco. A group of basic income supporters joined forces for the first ever basic income ‘create-a-thon’. For those not familiar with the concept of create-a-thons, these are events where people from a range of professions meet up voluntarily to work and create something together. In general, they gather to work on a project that has a

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