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SAN FRANCISCO: Andy Stern to speak on UBI, June 28

Former SEIU president Andy Stern, along with Natalie Foster of Institute for the Future, will be leading a discussion of universal basic income at the SPUR Urban Center in San Francisco, CA, USA, on Tuesday, June 28 at 6 pm Pacific Time.

From the event description:

National labor leader Andy Stern is one of the country’s leading thinkers about the future of work and jobs. In his new book, Raising the Floor, Stern concludes that the United States needs to consider what may be the biggest idea of the 21st century, a Universal Basic Income (UBI). Join us for a discussion with the author about how a universal basic income could work, and be paid for, in order to help all Americans.

Stern’s book, Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream, was published earlier this month to great publicity. For more background, see recent interviews with Stern in The AtlanticThe Guardian (and here), Yahoo Finance (video), Bloomberg (video), and CNBC (video), and a commentary written by Stern for CNBC.

For more information about the upcoming event, or to register, visit the event page at SPUR’s website.

SPUR Urban Center photo (2010) CC Anita Hart 

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