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The Netherlands: Dutch Labour ministers reject Basic Income as part of solution for older unemployment in the Netherlands

Lodewijk Asscher and Jetta Klijnsma (composition). Credit to: Wikipedia.   Lodewijk Asscher and Jetta Klijnsma, the Minister and the Secretary, respectively, for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in the Netherlands, have dismissed the idea that a Basic Income could form part of a solution to deal with the increasing levels of unemployment amongst older people in the country.

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Netherlands: Basic Income petition in the Netherlands for people over 55 years old was signed more than 50000 times

Picture: credit to Radar.   In the Netherlands, the program Radar started a petition to persuade the government to give a basic income for people over 55 years old as an experiment. While a pilot is required to go through with it, only 3% of people nowadays get a full-time job at this age range.   The experiment could consist of 2000 people

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The Netherlands: All that’s left is the action. Where do we stand with the experiments?

The permission to start the social assistance experiments depends on the political will of politicians at the national level. Despite obstructions, several municipalities are determined to continue with the experiments for the sake of that part of the population that is suffering under the current social welfare regime. It’s time for new forms of social security, says Sjir Hoeijmakers in

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NETHERLANDS: A radical new way do fund science

Back in 2014, Johan Bollen and four other colleagues published an EMBO report, presenting a new and radical approach to scientific funding. Since then, Johan has paired with Marten Scheffer so as to develop and communicate further the notion of SOFA – Self Organized Fund Allocation. Scheffer has recently led the Dutch parliament to ask the Netherlands Organization for Scientific

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