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Hungary: Basic income related activity in Hungary

In spite of its right-wing government, spearheaded by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, there is already a seed of activity for basic income advocacy in Hungary. A recently formed group, named First Hungarian Universal Basic Income Association, has an active social media profile and has organized meetings and conferences to present and discuss basic income, the latest of which will be

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HUNGARY: “Revolution of Social Justice” Conference on Basic Income

The Revolution of Social Justice international conference will be held in Budapest on May 21, 2016, on the theme of “the chances of progressive politics and basic income in Europe and Hungary.” Keynote speakers include Guy Standing (economist, Research Professor at University of London, and co-founder of Basic Income Earth Network), Iván Szelényi (Professor of Sociology at New York University), and Enno Schmidt (artist

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HUNGARY: Basic Income addressed by ruling and opposition parties

[Karl Widerquist] A spokesperson for Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party called unconditional basic income (UBI) “dangerous brainstorming” in a recent press conference, according to Politics.HU. In response, the opposition Socialist party released a statement welcoming proposals of such as UBI. Although the Socialists stopped short of endorsing UBI, they indicated (quoting Politics.HU), “the government’s policies were ‘helping the rich, and increasing

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