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French MP wants basic income to replace all welfare: is he right?

In the past few months, basic income has been widely debated in the French public arena and mainstream media are starting to pay attention to it. This trend has been influenced by the announcement of pilot projects in the Netherlands and Finland, and the upcoming referendum in Switzerland. Recently, there have been important developments in the national political arena too.

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FRANCE: Basic Income pilot programme feasibility study defeated in Rhône-Alpes regional council

A proposal by the EELV party in the Rhône-Alpes regional council for a feasibility study into a potential Basic Income pilot programme, has been defeated. The defeat came during the budget debate at the end of January this year. The proposal, in the form of an amendment to the council’s 2015 budget, called for €80,000 to be set aside for

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Language, French: Jean-Eric Hyafil, “Expérimenter le RSA inconditionnel dans les départements” [ Trying out the unconditional RSA in the Department]

The French Movement for Basic Income group is proposing a new pilot project that will reform the existing welfare program (RSA) to become unconditional and remove the job search requirement currently associated with it, among other changes. This proposal calls on the new Departmental Council elected in March to implement the pilot program, and in doing so, move closer to

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