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ALGERIA: Think Tank Proposes Universal Basic Income

Several Western and European countries have been seriously considering Universal Basic Income recently. Numerous countries already have social programs that supplement individual incomes for select groups, such as unemployment compensation, food stamps, or housing income, but none have a program involving basic income for every individual. The think tank NABNI (French acronym for “Our Algeria Built on New Ideas”) laid

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ARTICLE: Jason Hickel on Why Basic Income is a Birthright

In a recent article for The Guardian, Jason Hickel writes that “a basic income could defeat the scarcity mindset, instil a sense of solidarity and even ease the anxieties that gave us Brexit and Trump.” Hickel argues that a basic income is not just a privilege, nor just a nice idea – instead, basic income is a birthright. Hickel begins

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BitNation: Recent Advances in Cryptocurrency See Basic Income Tested

Johan Nygren, a basic income activist, is currently exploring if basic income can be implemented using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency are digital currencies whose value and number of units are regulated by encryption techniques, outside of any central banking system. A cryptocurrency-based basic income will be funded with taxes grown within a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. P2P is an architecture for building computer

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Hungary Matters, “Socialist leader: basic income is a means for better society”

Hungary Matters, “Socialist leader: basic income is a means for better society” A short commentary by Hungary Matters on an endorsement by the leader of the Hungarian Socialist Party József Tóbiás for basic income. The original story is published on Hungary’s non-partisan international political daily website (http://www.politics.hu). As the authors note, Tóbiás said: “There is need for a radical paradigm

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Erik Kirschbaum, “If you were handed $1,100 a month, would you amount to anything?”

From Eric Kirschbaum, writing in the Los Angeles Times (27th December 2015) comes news of a privately operated project held in Germany, financed by crowdfunding, that has rejuvenated Basic Income discussions. This small-scale experiment is called “Mein Grundeinkommen” (My Basic Income). Up to now 26 people have been paid a $1,100 per month stipend, with no strings attached. Recipients are

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UNITED STATES: Jason Murphy talks about basic income on the David Pakman Show

On December 11, anti-poverty activist and scholar Jason Burke Murphy appeared on the popular David Pakman Show to discuss basic income and how to implement it in the United States. Murphy is assistant professor at Elms College. He serves on the National Committee of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network and the BIEN Executive Committee. The conversation touched on the

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