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OPINION: A Basic Income scheme will eliminate poverty in Japan: Ensuring Basic Incomes for All Rather Than Welfare Public Assistance

Japan’s social security system until now has been dependent on support from corporations and employers. Due to Japan’s present economic circumstances, however, they have become unable to endure such burdens any more. Basically, the aim of private corporations is to earn profits from their businesses and pay taxes from the profits. They are not intended to play the role of

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MONGOLIA: Government takes steps toward implementing an Alaskan-style BIG

The coalition government of Mongolia is taking steps to make good on promises made in the 2008 election to introduce an Alaska-style resource dividend. Mongolia is a large, sparsely populated land-locked country sandwiched between Russian and China. About half of its citizens still live as nomadic herders. Most of the land in the country is unowned: herders can camp anywhere

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Anniversary Note: BIEN's 25th

Anniversaries are poignant human moments, points on a journey, never an end in themselves. Twenty-five years ago, on September 4-6, 1986, a small group of us held a workshop on basic income, and on September 6 decided to set up a network, BIEN. The memory is blurred; the documentation is scattered. However, this 25th anniversary is a testament to several aspects of BIEN, and it is perhaps acceptable to reflect on the journey so far.

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OPINION: Thinking About Ethical Leadership: An ethical response to poverty in Canada

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet a significant number of Canadians live in poverty. As economic disparity increases in Canada, many citizens seem not to recognize the poverty in their midst. The author calls for greater knowledge, imagination and understanding of our interconnectedness in order to spur an ethical response to poverty alleviation.

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VIEWPOINT: Where does housing fit in?

Looking at progress against the pillars of the Beveridge welfare state: health, housing and education, many commentators have identified housing as the ‘wobbly pillar’, starved of investment or ineffectively maintained. With this being said, an article titled retired homeowners see wealth increase shows a step in the right direction when it comes to elderly homeowners profiting from the ownership of

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OPINION: Genetics, the deserving and underserving poor

By Michael A. Lewis, Associate Professor The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College After spending 15 years teaching about, writing about, and observing the U.S. welfare state, I believe that the policies that make it up are based on a questionable assumption. In general, U.S. residents think that there are two kinds of people who receive social welfare

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