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Punk Band Records a Song with Indepentarian Argument for Basic Income

HUSLIGT ARBEJDE Borgerløn - the power to say no

Indepentarianism exists. The Danish punk band, Husligt Arbejde [House Work] has recorded an indepentarian song, “Borgerløn – the power to say no,” which translates into “Basic Income – the power to say no.” According to Google translate, the band describes its music as “aggressively political, minimalist punk.” “Indepentarianism” is the theory of justice I began to lay out in several

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Common Arguments Against Basic Income Don’t apply to the Emergency BI

The Guardian newspaper asked me to write an opinion piece about the Emergency Universal Basic Income (UBI). They changed my headline but otherwise, printed it as I wrote it. America is in crisis. We need universal basic income now. By Karl Widerquist, the Guardian, 20 Mar 2020 I’m reprinting it here in full: A few members of Congress recently have

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Income Movement Endorses Three UBI-Supporting Candidates in Primary Elections on Super Tuesday

Agatha Bacelar at UBI March in San Fransisco

Blogger’s note: this post is by a guest contributor, Stacey Rutland. The opinions expressed are hers alone. They are not necessarily shared by me or by the Basic Income Earth Network. -Karl Widerquist Super Tuesday is extra super this year! Three incredible congressional candidates are running on UBI and taking on the establishment in California (LA, SF, and Southeast CA).

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The Fall and Rise of the Basic Income Movement: My personal reflections after following it for 40 years

Forty years ago today—February 7, 1980—was a small milestone for the Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement: Milton and Rose Friedman dedicated an episode of their television show to a form of basic income guarantee called the Negative Income Tax. This episode might have been the last gasp of the UBI movement’s second wave, which came very close to the centers

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Was Thomas Paine a Proponent of Universal Basic Income? Short answer: yes.

Thomas Paine

I was recently asked whether the statement “Thomas Paine was a proponent of Universal Basic Income” is true. Although that statement is slightly controversial, it is true. Let me explain: Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a contested concept. Different people within the UBI movement use the term differently. The policy Paine advocates in “Agrarian Justice” fits most of the popular

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Thoughts on the British elections and the rise of nationalism

I wasn’t planning to write about the British elections until a friend asked. I’m not confident that I’m right about my conclusions, but here are some disjointed thoughts in no particular order. 1. I hate the parallels between US & UK politics: You get Thatcher-Major. We get Reagan-Bush I. We get Clinton. You get Blair. We get Bush II. Blair

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“A Critical Analysis of Basic Income Experiments:” an early version of this book is available for free download

An early version of the book, A Critical Analysis of Basic Income Experiments,  is available for free download on my selected works website. The devil’s in the details is a common saying about policy proposals. Perhaps we need a similar saying for policy research, something like the devil’s in the caveats. I say this both because nonspecialists (the citizens and

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End the threat of economic destitution now

Homeless man

Karl Widerquist (This article was originally published by Open Democracy, 17 September 2019) UBI is the opposite of something for nothing. It is the just compensation for all the one-sided rules of property and property regulations that society imposes on individuals. The biggest threat to freedom in the world today is economic destitution. We need universal basic income (UBI) because

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