“The dominant economic model is destabilizing societies. And the planet. It is time for change It is time for a basic income, too.

A memorandum signed worldwide by 39 renowned scientists and activists for basic income and 35 basic income organisations and networks from almost all continents points out the connection between basic income and socio-ecological transformation. According to the signatories, basic income is also a building block for climate justice. The memorandum will be sent to various UN organisations, the Club of Rome and leading European media in the coming days.

The memorandum is based on the demands of hundreds of scientists from Europe and of the report to the Club of Rome on basic income. It sharpens their analyses: “Global warming and the ongoing exploitation and destruction of nature are caused by the prevailing mode of production and life.” The profit and profit-driven utilisation of the environment and resources must come to an end. “A socio-ecological transformation must be oriented towards the needs of all people as well as towards fundamental ecological requirements – and must stop climate change immediately. Care for people and care for nature belong together. These are sustainable values, not the accumulation of superfluous goods to maintain the prevailing system of production and consumption.”

A basic income would reduce the existential pressure of having to accept even the most ecologically disastrous wage labour. It would also reduce the existential fear of necessary changes in the economy and society. It would promote a radical reduction in working hours and the democratic organisation of the socio-ecological transformation.

The memorandum argues in favour of the basic income movement, the ecological and feminist movements and other social movements coming together.

“Let us fight together for a world in which all people can live a good life on a healthy planet.”

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