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Discussion on the future of UBI trials

Picture credit to: iStock   The start of the longest and largest Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiment in Kenya and the approaching end of the trial in Finland spark a new discussion among experts on the effects of ‘no-strings attached’ money transfers.   An article published in Nature in May 2018 discussed the importance of randomized trials in informing researchers

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United Kingdom: Study suggests that welfare conditionality does more harm than good

  The Welfare Conditionality (WelCond) project recently released a report on how people receiving benefits in the UK experience welfare conditionality within a social security system. Welfare conditionality is where a person’s eligibility for benefits is dependent on meeting certain requirements, for example attending regular interviews, which will be taken away if a person does not meet the latter.  

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International: Obama is portrayed in the media like a basic income supporter

Barack Obama. Credit to: CNBC.   Despite having failed to actually endorse basic income, for the second time, international media is portraying Barack Obama as a supporter. For instance, the Trumpet, a news depot that “seeks to show how current events are fulfilling the biblically prophesied description”, depicts Obama as a hard-core socialist, sending him an indirect message saying that

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Leonid Bershidsky: “Obama and Bezos could make basic income work”

Jeff Bezos. Picture credit to: Evening Standard Leonid Bershidsky, in this article, posted on the 18th of July, says that the best way to enact basic income is to “persuade tech billionaires to fund universal pay plans”. Motivated by Obama’s latest speech on Mandela’s (posthumous) 100th birthday, he suggests Obama should try have their attention – and money – to

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Austria: Generation Grundeinkommen UBI movement starts pushing for a national referendum in Austria

Image credit to: Generation Grundeinkommen Austria’s Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement, the Generation Grundeinkommen, is calling all freedom-and-equality-loving pioneers to rally together for a national referendum. That is planned to start now and finish at the end of 2019, with the goal of having a basic income referendum in Austria in 2022. At the beginning of 2020, a petition is

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United States: American citizens support for UBI rises four times, compared to a decade ago

Picture credit to: The Conversation.   Approval of a universal basic income (UBI) has risen sharply in the United States. Karl Widerquist cites a 10-year-old poll showing that only 12% of Americans approved an UBI at that time. Now that number is 48%, according to a Gallup poll, conducted at the end of 2017 (on around 3000 adult US citizens).

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