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SUZUKI, Masahiko, March 2011, “Would they be lazier or work harder given free money?; The Namibia BIG Pilot Project and the Possibility of Basic Income as a Strategy of Social Cooperation”

Journal of Political Science and Sociology, No. 14 ABSTRACT: This paper charts the impact research conducted in the Namibia Basic Income Pilot Project 2008-2009 and draws a complementary report on the success of BI schemes, particularly highlighting the issues of human capital development. The discussion goes on as follows. First, a profile of current Namibia is reviewed. Second, the paper

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GAWITH, Andrew, Mar 8, 2011, “Policy on welfare in need of inspiration”

The New Zealand Herald This opinion piece suggests that an integrated basic income and flat income tax would improve new Zealand’s tax and benefit system. The author is the director of Gareth Morgan Investments, an investment manager and superannuation provider. The article is online at:

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ALI, Saleem H. Gary FLOMENHOFT, February 17, 2011, “Innovating Sovereign Wealth Funds”

Policy Innovations: For a fairer globalization This opinion piece discusses Sovereign Wealth Funds and Alaska-style dividends as a way to ensure transparency in resource revenue and a way to ensure the people benefit from natural resource revenue. Saleem H. Ali is professor of environmental planning at the University of Vermont and director of the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security.

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HOFFMAN, Michael (2010), 'Utopia means free money for everyone'

HOFFMAN, Michael (2010), ‘Utopia means free money for everyone’, The Japan Times, October 17, 2010, available at According to the author of this column, the idea of a basic income is startling, but not really new — only its slowly growing respectability is. “Cranks and visionaries have been playing with it for centuries. The name by which it’s lately

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BIRNBAUM, Simon (2010), 'Två föreställningar om jämlikhet: Om rättvisa, självrespekt och välfärdspolitik'

BIRNBAUM, Simon (2010), ‘Två föreställningar om jämlikhet: Om rättvisa, självrespekt och välfärdspolitik’ [”Two conceptions of equality: On justice, self-respect and welfare policy”], Tidsskrift for Velferdsforskning (Norwegian Journal of Welfare Research), 13 (2) 2010, 70-82. A luck egalitarian view holds that inequalities are objectionable only if they are traceable to luck, i.e. circumstances beyond individual control. This article examines recent attempts

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