Canada: Political candidates in Thunder Bay discuss Basic Income

Basic Income seems to be a hot issue to debate at the local elections run in Thunder Bay (Ontario, Canada). Ever since the cancellation of the Ontario basic income pilot project, by the Doug Administration, discussions over basic income type of policies have been growing in number and intensity. Thunder Bay was one of the localities over which the pilot was being run.


At Thunder Bay’s Chamber of Commerce, last week on October 9th, political candidates from all six colors (Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Greens, People’s Party and Liberatarians) agreed, at least in principle, on the necessity of implementing a basic income over time. Although differences existed between the candidate’s approach to it, all agreed that something needed be done about poverty in Canada, and that people needed assistance to cope with the ever-changing nature of work and life challenges. The Libertarian candidate, though, underlined that, according to him, basic income was unlikely to be implemented in Canada within the next four years. The Ontario interrupted basic income pilot project was mentioned several times over the event, since it represents the most palpable reference as a basic income experiment within Thunder Bay’s territory.


More information at:

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  • Shaun Browne

    I know a family, in Thunder Bay, that benefited from the basic income pilot, now cancelled by Conservative Premier Doug Ford. The money they received made a world of difference to them. Thunder Bay can speak to the cancellation of the basic income pilot had on those who benefited from it.

    While it’s good to see the project was part of the all candidates meeting in Thunder Bay, the leader of the PPC was soundly defeated at the polls, and the Green Party leader has job st announced she was stepping aside. Both parties did not support a basic income program, so there is little movement, politically on the issue at the moment in Canada. In the USA, only Andrew Yang is promoting the basic income cause.

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