BIEN Committee Election and Functions


The 2018-2019 Term

Executive Committee posts and postholders for the 2018 to 2019 term are as follows:

Position Term length from August 2018 Postholder
Chair 2 Louise Haagh
Vice Chair 2 Sarath Davala
Secretary 3 Julio Aguirre
Treasurer 3 Mark Wadsworth
Assistant Treasurer 1 Jamie Cooke
BI News Editor 1 André Coelho
BI Features Editor 2 Tyler Prochazka
BI News and Volunteer Recruitment Officer 1 Leah Hamilton
Research Manager 1 Kate McFarland
Research Manager 2 Toru Yamamori
Affiliate Outreach 1 Jasper van den Bor
Public Outreach 3 Julio Linares
Website manager 3 Demétrio Ruivo
Fundraiser 3 Aoife Hegarty
Bank Account Trustee 2 Anne Miller
Bank Account Trustee 1 Jay Ginn
Bank Account Trustee 2 Jake Eliot
Chair of the International Board 1 Philippe Van Parijs

Tasks related to the different posts

General duties of EC members

  • To attend EC meetings, and if not attending to send apologies
  • To work with any working group(s) to which you are allocated in order to fulfil the tasks allocated to the group(s) by the EC

Individual duties


  • To convene and chair meetings of the EC and the General Assembly
  • To formulate and propose policy to the EC
  • To take any urgent decisions required between EC meetings
  • Generally to oversee the work of BIEN and to represent it to other organisations and individuals
  • To liaise with congress Local Organising Committees over the content of congresses
  • To submit an annual report to the General Assembly

Vice Chair

  • To fulfil all of the functions of the Chair whenever the Chair is absent
  • To fulfil any of the tasks of the Chair that the Chair delegates to them


  • In consultation with the treasurer, to keep an up to date register of BIEN members and of members of the EC
  • To take minutes of EC and GA meetings
  • In consultation with the Chair, to prepare meeting agendas
  • To prepare papers required by the EC
  • To send agendas, minutes and other papers to EC members before EC meetings and to BIEN members before meetings of the GA
  • To receive correspondence and ensure that appropriate EC members act on it
  • To undertake correspondence as required by decisions of EC and GA meetings


  • To keep income and expenditure accounts along with evidence of income and expenditure
  • To make payments as agreed by the EC
  • To submit regular financial reports to EC meetings
  • To prepare annual accounts
  • To liaise with the auditor over auditing of the accounts
  • To prepare budgets if asked to do so by the EC
  • To manage the bank and other accounts
  • To propose financial rules to the EC

Assistant Treasurer

  • To assist the treasurer

BI News Editor

  • To oversee BI News posts on the website
  • To issue regular Newsflash emails
  • To oversee BIEN’s use of social media

BI Features Editor

  • To oversee BI Features posts on the website

Research Manager

  • To oversee any research repositories and/or research communication channels as agreed by the EC.
  • To facilitate research collaborations with other organisations.

Affiliate Outreach

  • To maintain an up to date register of affiliated organisations and their contact details
  • To liaise between affiliated organisations and the EC
  • To convene meetings of representatives of affiliated organisations at and between congresses

Web-site Manager

  • To manage the website and liaise with its other users

Volunteer Recruitment Officer 

  • To oversee the recruitment, allocation and training of volunteers


  • To oversee BIEN fundraising
  • To assist with projects that might require fundraising

Public Outreach

  • To oversee BIEN’s relationships with international and other organisations
  • To assist with convening meetings between BIEN and other organisations both at congresses and on other occasions

Congress Organizer (appointed by the EC and the Local Organising Committee)

  • To co-ordinate the Local Organising Committee (LOC) that plans the congress
  • To liaise between the EC and the LOC by attending EC meetings and in other ways

Temporary bank account trustees

  • To facilitate the relationship between BIEN and the Charity Commission
  • To facilitate the efficient management of the bank account

The General Manager

  • To undertake any tasks delegated by EC members and agreed by the EC.

The next elections will be held on the 25th August 2019 at the BIEN Congress in India.

Please note, that as only one candidate had submitted a personal statement, a photograph, and two supporting statements, by the deadline of the 16th July, for each of the posts to be elected at this General Assembly, no elections will take place this year either at the General Assembly meeting or by post.


These elections will be for posts in which the current postholder was elected in 2018 for a single year. The newly elected postholders will serve three year terms.

Rules for the election

In order to stand as a candidate, the individual will need to have been a BIEN member for at least a year, will need to say to which post they wish to be elected, and will need to send a picture (suitable for placing on a website) and a personal statement, of a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 500 words, saying why they wish to be elected to that post, mentioning their qualifications and experience relevant to the post and ideas they have about filling it. Each candidate will also need to arrange for two other BIEN members to send statements supporting their candidature.

There will be a postal ballot alongside a secret ballot at the General Assembly for the different posts.

The 2019 General Assembly will be held on Sunday 25th August 2019 at the congress in India.

The window of time to stand for election opens on April 30th and closes on 16th July. Candidates are encouraged to notify the BIEN EC (, copied to of their intention to stand by June 15th. Bios of all candidates will be displayed from July 25th, and bios received before that date will be displayed from the 30th June.

Enquiries about positions can be made informally to the Chair, Louise Haagh (

Candidates will need to inform the BIEN EC of their intention to stand for election by sending an email to the Secretary of BIEN at, copied to the General Manager at, containing the nominee’s name, their statement, and a photograph suitable for placing on the website. The two supporting statements will need to be sent to the same two email addresses before the candidate’s statement and photograph can be placed on the website.

BIEN is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom. Anyone elected to the EC will need to able and willing to sign the trustee declaration.

The timeline will be as follows:

Thursday 16th July: final day for receipt of statements of intention to stand, personal statements, and supporting statements. Earlier nominations encouraged.

Thursday 25th July: Ballot papers will be sent by email to every BIEN member. Anyone who will not be attending the GA in Hyderabad will be invited to return the completed form by post by Friday 16th August. For those attending the GA, ballot papers will be available at the meeting.

Sunday 25th August: Election by secret ballot at the GA, after which the postal and GA votes will be combined to determine the elections.

Proxy voting is permitted at the GA. If you wish to appoint someone to vote for you at the GA, then you will need to copy and complete the proxy voting form and send it to your proxy. They will then need to bring it to the GA meeting. Alternatively, you can copy the form into an email, complete it, and send it to your proxy from the email address to which the GA agenda was sent to you, with copies to and (Physical signatures are not required on emails as long as the email was sent from the member’s registered email address and sent to the proxy’s registered email address). Your proxy will then need bring a copy of the email to the GA meeting. Your proxy will need to be a member of BIEN; and no member of BIEN can act as proxy for more than one other member.

Wording for the proxy voting form

To be completed by the member of BIEN who will not be present at the General Assembly meeting on the 25th August 2019

I, [full name] …………………………………………………………………


[full name] …………………………………………………………………………

to act as my proxy at the BIEN General Assembly on the 25th August 2019.

The email address to which the GA agenda was sent to me was ……………………

Signature ……………………………………………………………………. Date …………..

To be completed by the proxy

I agree to act as proxy for the above mentioned member of BIEN at the BIEN General Assembly meeting on the 25th August 2019

Signature ………………………………………………………………………Date ………

(Please note that under paragraph 9 (1) (b) of the constitution the Executive Committee has decided not to receive new applications for membership of BIEN at the GA or within a week of the GA; and also please note that the implementation of the postal ballot means that each candidate can stand for only one post.)

The following posts will be elected

Position Candidates standing

Assistant Treasurer *

Jamie Cooke


BI News Editor André Coelho
BI News and Volunteer Recruitment Officer Leah Hamilton

* The increasing strictness of banking regulations means that if the assistant treasurer is to be a signatory of BIEN’s bank account then they need to be based in the United Kingdom.


André Coelho

Personal statement

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Jamie Cooke

Personal statement

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Leah Hamilton

Personal statement

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Two supporting statements have been submitted for each of the candidates.