Basic Income News: Mission and Vision

Basic Income News is the only website in the world specializing solely in news about Basic Income. This service provides a unique and badly needed source of just-the-facts reporting on Basic Income by well-informed writers.

Basic Income News maintains a clear separation between news reporting and opinion. The just-the-facts reporting of the news section helps anyone curious about Basic Income learn how the movement for Basic Income is progressing without being distracted by propaganda or by uninformed reporting.

Basic Income News offers an important service to inform the global debate over Basic Income. It provides information that BIEN’s affiliates and other groups need to work together to build the movement. In this way, Basic Income News supports another main objective of BIEN: outreach and networking with other groups and individuals interested in Basic Income. BIEN is able to accomplish this goal because its news service reaches thousands of people daily on the web and monthly by email.

So far, Basic Income News has done all this on a budget of less than $100 a month for web-hosting and emails services. It has no paid labor. It does all that is does with an all-volunteer workforce. At present, four news editors share the joint responsibility of keeping Basic Income News up-to-date, ensuring that it has regular features, trains volunteers, and so on. One member acts as lead editor, taking overall responsibility for the news service. One takes act as the “features editor”, recruiting guests to write reviews, op-ed articles, interviews, and so on. Others find news leads, write and publish news stories, and train new volunteers. (Meet the current team on our Press Room page.)

At present, a main priority of Basic Income News is to recruit more volunteers. We aim to have at least one reporter online every day of the week, every week of the year, so that we can cover news stories as they come in, as well as copyeditors and content editors to review the work of the reporters. We also aspire to find reporters who are fluent in German, French, Spanish, and other languages to improve our reporting from non-English sources and perhaps to translate some of our content into other languages. And we aim to increase not only our just-the-facts news reporting but also our “features” side: opinion, reviews, analysis, interviews, audio, video, and so on.

A foremost goal of BIEN over the coming years is to develop Basic Income News into a larger and more professional news service that will provide news about Basic Income to Basic Income supporters and other interested parties around the world.

The above text has been extracted and modified from BIEN’s two-year vision statement published before its 2016 Congress: Our Vision for BIEN, 2016 (27 June 2016), by Karl Widerquist (co-chair) and Louise Haagh (co-chair).