National & Regional Affiliates

Become an Affiliate of BIEN

If you are a member of an organization that would like to become an affiliate of BIEN, click here or scroll down to the bottom for the requirements of affiliates and the instructions for requesting affiliation.

BIEN’s Affiliates:

ARGENTINA: Red Argentina de Ingreso Ciudadano

Founded in March 2004


Facebook: Renta Básica Argentina

President: Rubén M. Lo Vuolo
Member of BIEN’s International Advisory Board: Rubén Lo Vuolo

AUSTRALIA: Basic Income Guarantee Australia (BIGA)

Founded in 2002


Facebook: Basic Income Guarantee Australia

Coordinator: Gregory Marston (
School of Public Health and Social Work
Faculty of Health
Queensland University of Technology
Kelvin Grove Campus
Victoria Park Road, Kelvin Grove, QLD, Australia 4059
Tel.: +61 7 3138 4767
Fax.: +61 7 3138 3369

AUSTRIA: Netzwerk Grundeinkommen und sozialer Zusammenhalt – B.I.E.N. Austria

Founded in October 2002

Antonigasse 100, 1180 Wien

Email: info (AT) (please replace “AT” by “@”)

Contact person: Margit Appel (
Contact person (Media): Markus Blümel (

BELGIUM: Belgian Network for Basic Income

Founded on June 27, 2012


Facebook: Basic

Contact person: Quentin Fabri

Organizing Committee: Aline Goethals, Pierre-Yves Ryckaert

BRAZIL: Rede Brasileira de Renda Básica de Cidadania

Founded in September 2004

Coordinator: Eduardo Suplicy ( /

CANADA: Basic Income Canada Network / Réseau canadien pour le revenu garanti

Founded in June 2008

New English-language website (fall 2015):
New French-language website (all 2015):

Facebook: Basic Income Canada Network

Chairperson: Sheila Regehr (

Mailing address:
723-1500 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K1H 1B8

CANADA: Quebec – Revenue de base Quebec (RBQ)

Affiliated in July 2016


Facebook: Revenue de base Quebec

244, Saint-Olivier, app. 3, Québec G1R 1G3
5445, ave de Gaspé, suite 602, Montréal H2T 3B2

Contact Person: Luc Gosselin


Affiliated in July 2016

DENMARK: BIEN Denmark (Borgerlønsbevægelsen)

Founded in January 2000


Chairman: Dorte Kolding (
International coordinators: Karsten Lieberkind ( and Jon Seemann Pedersen (

BIEN Danmarks sekretariat: Michael Husen (
Kronprinsensgade 12
5000 Odense C
Tlf. 6613 2992

EUROPE: Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBI-Europe)

Founded in 2014


Facebook: Basic Income Europe

President: Dániel Fehér

FINLAND: BIEN Finland – Suomen perustuloverkosto

Founded in May 2011, registered in December 2012

Chair: Pekka Elonheimo
Vice-Chair: Johanna Perkiö (

Tel.: +358 40 5000189

FRANCE: Mouvement Français pour un revenu de base

(French Movement for Basic Income)

Founded in 2013


Facebook: MFRB Revenu de base

Contact person: Nicole Teke (

GERMANY: Netzwerk Grundeinkommen

Founded in July 2004



Facebook: Netzwerk Grundeinkommen

Spokespersons: Reimund Acker, Ronald Blaschke, Matthias Blöcher, Ralf Engelke, Stefan Füsers, Natalie Pavlovic, Jörg Reiners and Ursula Walther.


Founded: Dec 10, 2016
Contact: Albert Svan
Facebook page:

INDIA: India Network for Basic Income (INBI)


Facebook: India Network for Basic Income
+91 789 3033 728

Contact Person: Sarath Davala (

IRELAND: Basic Income Ireland

Founded in March 1995



Facebook: Basic Income Ireland

Coordinator: Anne B Ryan and Jan Smole

Member of BIEN’s International Advisory Board: John Baker
Department of Adult and Community Education, NUIM
Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

ITALY: Bin Italia (Basic Income Network Italy)

Founded in July 2008


Facebook: BIN Italia

President: Luca Santini (
Vice President: Rachele Serino (
Coordinator and contact person: Sandro Gobetti (
Other members and roles of BIN Italia Committee:
Address: BIN Italia Via Filippo De Grenet, 38 – 00128 Rome, Italy
Tel.: Luca Santini: +39 3487752116
Tel.: Sandro Gobetti: +39 3334375476


Founded in November 2007


Coordinator: Shinji Murakami (shinji.murakami [at] )

MALAWI: Basic Income Malawi Group

Founded: August 2017
Contact: Frank Kamanga
Facebook Page:

MEXICO: Red Mexicana Ingreso Ciudadano Universal

Founded in April 2008
Coordinator: Pablo Yanes (;
Member of BIEN’s International Advisory Board: Pablo Yanes

NETHERLANDS: Vereniging Basisinkomen

President: Alexander de Roo
Secretary and contactperson: Adriaan Planken
Galgeveld 10
3705 MB Zeist, Nederland
Tel.: 0031-30-6991721 // 0031-6-22420270

NEW ZEALAND: Basic Income New Zealand Incorporated (BINZ)

Founded on July 22, 2016


Facebook: Basic Income New Zealand

NORWAY: Borgerlønn BIEN Norge

Founded in October 2012


Facebook: Borgerlønn BIEN Norge

Coordinator: Glenn Slotte

PORTUGAL: Rendimento Básico

Founded in March 2013


Facebook: Rendimento Básico Inconditicional Portugal

Contact person: Roberto Merrill (

RUSSIA: Basic Income Russia Tomorrow

Founded in September 2017
Contact person: Сhairman of the council of movement: Solovyev Alexander (
Social media contacts:
Address:  Tverskaya str., 9, building 7, office 415, Moscow,  Russian Federation, 125009

SCOTLAND: Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (SCIO)

Trustees of Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland
15 Morningside Park
EH10 5HD
Tel: 00 (44) 131 447 3268

SLOVENIA: Sekcija za promocijo UTD v Sloveniji

Founded on the 20th of January, 2010



Coordinator: Branko Gerlic
Contact persons: Branko Gerlic (, Dr. Valerija Korosec (, Dr. Igor Pribac (

Zofijini ljubimci – Drustvo za razvoj humanistike
Ob zeleznici 8
2000 Maribor

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII)

Founded in 2006


Facebook: SPII Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute

Director/Coordinator: Isobel Frye (

31 Quinn Street, CIVICUS House
Newtown, Johannesburg
P.O Box 31747, Braamfontein 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel.: +27 11 833 0161/2
Fax.: +27 11 832 3085

SOUTH KOREA: Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN)

Founded in June 2009


Facebook: 사무

Representative: Nam-hoon Kang (

SPAIN: Red Renta Basica

Founded in February 2001


Facebook: Red Renta Básica

President: Daniel Raventós (
Member of BIEN’s International Advisory Board: Daniel Raventós
Departament de Teoria Sociològica, Filosofia del Dret i Metodologia de les CCSS
Facultat d’Economia i Empresa
Universitat de Barcelona
Diagonal, 690
08034 Barcelona, Spain


Founded in September 2002



1200 Geneva

President: Ralph Kundig


Affiliated in July 2016



Chairman: Tyler Prochazka

Executive Committee: Jiakuan Su, Rita Liao

UNITED KINGDOM: Citizen’s Income Trust

Founded in 1984 (initially as “Basic Income Research Group”)



Director: Malcolm Torry

Citizen’s Income Trust
286 Ivydale Road
London SE15 3DF

Phone: 020 7635 7916

UNITED STATES: U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network (USBIG)

Founded in December 1999
Facebook Page: U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network
Coordinator: Michael Howard (
Members of BIEN’s International Advisory Board: Michael Lewis, Eri Noguchi


Founded: 2017
Contact: Paul Harnett

Become an Affiliate of BIEN

BIEN is willing to affiliate organisations with the same aim as itself:

To educate the general public about Basic Income, that is, a periodic cash payment delivered to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement; to serve as a link between the individuals and groups committed to, or interested in, Basic Income; to stimulate and disseminate research about Basic Income; and to foster informed public discussion on Basic Income throughout the world.

An affiliated organisation needs to

  • be not-for-profit
  • have regular activities
  • have a constitution with a clear decision-making structure *
  • promote debate on Basic Income, and not only on particular Basic Income schemes or funding methods
  • be focused solely on Basic Income and not committed to any broader programme or wider agenda (even if Basic Income is a central aspect of that agenda)
  • not be affiliated in any way with any organization that does not have as its sole purpose the promotion of debate on Basic Income
  • welcome the involvement of everyone interested in Basic Income
  • keep in contact with BIEN’s Executive Committee

(* Two methods for the selecting the decision-making body are acceptable: selection of new members of the decision-making body by existing members of it, or election of members of the decision-making body by a wider organizational membership.)

To apply to be affiliated to BIEN, an organisation needs to write a letter to the secretary at explaining how it fits the criteria and providing contact details. BIEN’s Executive Committee will then decide whether to recommend affiliation to the General Assembly. The final decision on affiliation is made by the General Assembly.

Any affiliated organisation that is found not to be adhering to the criteria for affiliation will be discussed by the Executive Committee, which might recommend disaffiliation. Final decisions about disaffiliation are made by the General Assembly.