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Edinburgh, Scotland: Book Launch of Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy

Anthropology, Philosophy and the State of Nature Book Launch of Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy, by Karl Widerquist and Grant McCall January 26, 4pm-6pm, Conference Room 2.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building, Edinburgh. Karl Widerquist, co-chair of the Basic Income Earth Network, will present his new book, Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy, in Edinburgh this January. The book is primarily

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MANCHESTER, UK: First Annual Conference of World Basic Income (Feb 4)

World Basic Income (WBI) will hold its first annual conference in Manchester on Saturday, February 4. This event will launch what it calls “a new movement for global justice and poverty eradication”, with speakers from The Guardian, Share The World’s Resources, CapGlobalCarbon, the Labour Party, the Green Party and the Universities of Manchester and Oxford, among others. The event will

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BIEN Stories: Louise Haagh

Louise Haagh (BIEN Co-Chair) I first came across basic income in summer of 2001 when instructed about it by Workers’ Party Senator Eduardo Suplicy, at his home in São Paulo. I was doing research on workers’ rights, at the same time undertaking a survey of economic security among residents in poor and middle-income districts (published in World Development, 2011a). Eduardo

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BIEN Stories: Christopher Balfour

Christopher Balfour (BIEN Life Member) In the early 1960s I worked as a Youth Employment Officer in the English Midlands. We were then an education-based service concerned with guidance and placement but also responsible for trying to assist those without work and paying out benefits, a valuable way of keeping in touch each week. Having been adopted as a Conservative

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BIEN Stories: Malcolm Torry

Malcolm Torry – “My Basic Income Story” Almost exactly forty years ago, I left university, got married, and started work in Brixton, in South London, administering means-tested benefits. I spent two years on the public counter: and it didn’t take long to understand how inefficient, degrading, and disincentivising means-tested benefits were. After two years I left to train for the

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